Think !

Think before you send ,text , or post

Wait and think

Think ! Is what you are about to send true , or is it hurtful (will it hurt someones feelings ?) , Is it necessary (Is what you are about to send necessary ?) Think before you send,text, or post . Many texts and posts unfortunately hurt some peoples' feelings and even in some cases the posts are not true.

Pros and Cons of having a phone

Pros: You can enjoy playing on your phone , you can be able to communicate with your friends and family by texting and calling

Cons: Can't express how you are talking if you are texting ,Chances are if you are on your phone for too long you can lose your focus when you are at school

How can you help ?

THINK! You can call to action and spread the word so no one gets the wrong idea anymore,

Instead of you texting or posting , How about talk to them in person people will understand how you react and don't send anything that they can't understand , chances are people will get the wrong idea.THINK!

"Some"more information

If you need any help or if you have any questions , send me an e-mail and hopefully i can help!