Wohin reist du gern? Kapitel 4

Tips and tricks for being successful in this unit!

Try a Prezi! Alternative assignment

Instead of doing the Powerpoint presentation for this assignment, try doing it in a Prezi! It's fun and free! Check out Frau Frantzen's Prezi of places she would like to go! If you like, record audio on one slide, but not all. If that is easier and works for you, I'm okay with that for you to be efficient with your time. Alternatively you can also submit the sound files as one file separately in the dropbox and not embed it in the Prezi.

See Frau Frantzen's Prezi: http://goo.gl/J6M3b

To make your own Prezi, go to: http://prezi.com/

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Don't forget about our weekly live office hour to answer any questions you have! I usually also prepare a lesson, but we can also discuss anything you would like to help move you through this course!

Common pitfalls-- word order!

Many students in the past have written sentences like this:

Ich England besuchen möchte, weil ich die Kultur interessant finde.

This is incorrect!

The sentence should be:

Ich möchte England besuchen , weil ich die Kultur interessant finde.


Weil ich die Kultur interessant finde, möchte ich England besuchen.

In the second example, the subordinate clause (Weil ich die Kultur interessant finde) acts as 1st position, and the verb "moechte" goes in 2nd position.

See my interactive links below for more explanation of these sentence construction!