Police Service entry requirements.

Jack Spray


The people hoping to join the police force will have to undergo a series of physical fitness tests in order to achieve there dream of becoming a police officer. There are certain targets during these tests that you will need to reach. Some of these tests are:

  • The bleep test - this is a test of endurance. The bleep test consists of running from one end to another, trying to reach the other side before the beep. The beeps will get increasingly faster and the length you will need to run is 15 meters. Each time you reach the other end before the beep, you go up a level. To join the police force you will need to reach level 5.4 or higher (that's approximately 3 1/2 minutes of running.
  • Dynamic strength - this is to test how much weight you can push and pull. What you will need to do is perform 5 seated chest presses and 5 seated back pulls on a piece of equipment known as a "dyno". You can have 3 practice pulls/pushes before your recorded attempt, but you have to do your 5 pulls/pushes instantly after. The weight you will be required to pull is 35kg and the weight you will be required to push is 34kg.


Citizens hoping to join the police service will have to pass some medical tests in order to reach their goal of becoming a member of the police service. These medical requirements include:

  • Completing a health questionnaire - this will be conducted by the occupational health team.
  • An average height to weight ratio - they find this out by conducting a Body Mass Index (BMI) measurement. The participants BMI measurement should be between 19-30.
  • Good respiratory function.
  • Above average core muscular ability - people hoping to join to police service will have to exercise their muscular skeletal system. If someone doesn't, they are advised to see a health and fitness instructor for 6-12 months prior to joining the police service.


To become a member of any aspect of the police service, the applicant will need to meet certain educational requirements. These requirements consist of: They need to be 18 or over. However they can apply to be a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) at the age of 17. Also, the applicant will need to be a British or Commonwealth citizen, European Union (EU) or other European Economic Area (EEA) citizen, or a foreign national with the right to remain in and work in the UK for an unrestricted period. The applicant will also need to pass background and security checks, these include finding out of any previous convictions or records before the person has confessed to them (the applicant gets a chance to inform them of any previous convictions or records).