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Room 203's Weekly Newsletter

What's UP in Room 203?

I hope all of you had a great long weekend! I know I did! Last week, we had a great week as we started to get some normalcy in: math lessons, reading workshop, science lessons, etc. I can tell that I have a group of hardworking kids!

I did want to let you know ahead of time that I will be out on Wednesday. My sub used to be a classroom teacher in HPISD and she will take great care of your students! If you child needs to go home a different way, please let the office know.

We will start Super Student of the Week next week, Sept. 14th.

Book Buddies

Face Morphing!

On Friday, your third graders partnered up with their book buddies and morphed together their faces! They absolutely loved it! This week, students will take their printed Venn Diagrams and paste their photos on top. We will give our book buddy a copy when we see them next Friday!

Below you can see your children learning how to create a Venn Diagram on Wixie! They loved being able to personalize and add pictures.

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Academic News


This upcoming week, students will continue learning about numeration (lessons 1-3 through lessons 1-8). We will continue to learn how to name greater numbers in different forms, compare numbers, order numbers, and how to round numbers. Keep in mind, if your child struggles with the homework, they can always take home their math journal with notes we take or they can login to the Pearson website and re-watch the video.

I graded the Math Placement tests and I'm thoroughly impressed of what your children remember from second grade. Great work!

Keep in mind, students will continue to have daily math homework to reinforce skills learned in class as well as Daily 6 Review on Thursday nights. Also, it wouldn't hurt to begin practicing multiplication facts at home. They can be flashcards or even apps!


As we continue in creating a reader's life, students will be setting goals and tracking for faster, stronger, and longer reading. They will also be learning how long it should take them to finish a book based on the books level and how many words are in the book. This has always been a very eye-opening lesson for students. They can visually see that a Henry and Mudge series has 800-1,000 words and if students are reading at 100 words per minute, they should finish the book in 8-10 minutes. On the other hand, a Magic Tree House series, which has 6,000 words, should take about an hour if reading 100 words per minute or 30 minutes if reading 200 words per minute.

We will end the week with setting up systems to find and share books and talk about book buzzes and how we can recommend books to friends.

Science/Social Studies

On Friday, students started the Gummy Bear lab by measuring the length and mass of a regular gummy bear. Then, we measured out 1/4 of a cup for the solute and 1/4 of water and mixed them together to make a solution. The 3 solutions we are testing are baking soda and water, diet coke and water, and root beer and water. On Tuesday, we will go back and see what happened to our gummy bears! Which one will increase the most?!


We had such a busy week and we weren't able to get to our writing samples, so we will push them over to next week. We will do the first one Tuesday and the second on Thursday.


After having our discussion at Parent Academic Night, I have decided to use a spelling plan I have written that is directly correlated to the TEKS. Our spelling units will take two weeks, with the dictation test every other Friday. We will have spelling every Tuesday and Thursday (during that same time on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - we will have grammar lessons).

First Week:

Tuesday - I will introduce the spelling pattern and we will do a guided practice page together. They will have a spelling page that will go home for homework. In this page, students will be finding mistakes (spelling and grammar).

Thursday - Students will be doing independent practice. No homework.

Second Week:

Tuesday - During their read-to-self time, students will be using their book and as they read, they will find words that apply to the pattern and write them in their word work journals. They will have a "grade the test" homework page.

Thursday - On a Google Doc, students will brainstorm a list of words that follow that unit's pattern. Then, they can choose five pattern words and the five non-negotiables OR they can pick 5 pattern words and the five non-negotiables and write a sentence for each one. Thursday's homework would be to finish up the class work if needed.

Friday - Dictation test - There will be 10 questions. Numbers 1-7 are pattern words and non-negotiable words. Numbers 8-10 are dictation sentences. In the sentences, students will be expected to circle words that follow the biweekly pattern and use correct grammar (capitalization and punctuation).

Important Dates

Bike Rodeo

Friday, Sep. 11th, 9am

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