Success Essentials Dental Management Company

In Depth Organization Evaluation

An in-depth evaluation is structured to gain insight into the current methods and functions of the dental organization.  Areas of focus will include those of industry standards, guidelines and performance measurement.  Upon completion of the evaluation the organization will be presented with a plan designed to enhance operations and impact profitability.

Systems Development | Implementation

Use developmental methods as a path to completing procedural functions within many areas of the practice to include the Business Systems, Team Development, Patient Services and Facility Operations. Execution of the plan specifications for each system will be carried out through on-site and phone coaching sessions.

Analyst | Strategy Coach

Amy Deschamps is founding owner of Success Essentials Dental Management Company. She ensures her clients receive the best outcome for their organization's needs through developmental strategies and implementation. As a management coach and dental software analyst, she works closely with one of the largest dental CPA firms in the country and Arizona’s well established dental transition firm to support clients needs. Amy gives doctors and teams a comprehensive awareness into the business of dentistry while providing the essential tools and support to get the job done. Amy’s passion stems from her 20+ years of experience in the industry and her belief that every practice can achieve success.