Get Healthy

Do we need to get healthy?

It says:

It says that today’s children will have shorter life expectancy than their parents. Because of obesity.

I say:

I say that they're right, because children theses days are always in front of the tv , computer, or phone screen. They also eat junk, fast and sugary food most of the time. Adding to that, today's children don't exercise. So all of that causes obesity. And that can cause death. I think that this article is significant and important.

And so:

This matters because it's a big issue. And parents don't really know about it. What they don't know is that it's important, and their children could get obesity one day because of junk food and electronics.

We can actually stop this. We can do something about it. Like we can make junk food more expensive. We can make all of the electronics stop working for a certain time. To show people what obesity really means, we can get children with obesity and introduce them to everyone and tell them their story and how hard it is for them to live with obesity.