Spirit Animals Book 4

Fire And Ice by Shannon Hale

Spirit Animals Book 4 Fire and Ice

In this book, Rollan, Abeke. Conor and Meilin are on there way to collect the great beasts Suka's tailsmen. They only know that suka is in an ice block up in the north. They need this tailsmen before the Conquersors.

Spirit Animals book 4 Fire and Ice

Lexile: 810

Spirit Animals book 4 Fire and Ice


This is Rollan, he is an orphan. He ran away from the orphanage with his friends. He used to steal medicine from the village people that rather throw away food instead of give it to people with no home and need it to survive. He summoned the great beast Essix. Essix is a falcon that is strong and doesn't really like taking orders from people. Rollan is always getting into arguments with his spirit animal. He was the last one of the group to summon one of the great beast.