by; Valeria Valencia and Amy Quintero


the capital of Romania is Bucharest.

The most spoken languages are Hungarian, Romani, Ukrainian, German, Hungarian.

The population in Romania is 22,330,000.

The cities in Romania are Alba, Arad, Braila.

Romania facts

Popular music in Romania is hip hop, heavy metal, rock and roll.

The temperature in Romania during winter time is and were from 12 degrees to 2.6 degrees.

The temperature in Romania during summer is 95 degrees.

One of the governments in Romania is prime minister.

The religion if Romania is catholic.

Romania facts

Fun Facts

Interesting facts

Romania's color on there flag are red, yellow, and blue.

Some animals in Romania are monkeys, snakes, snails, butterfly, frogs, beetles, pares.

You can adopt only in April.