Save the planet on Earth day

by Zachary Hediger

How I help this planet Earth

I have three trash cans one for metal and glass, one for trash, and one for wood and cardboard. That was not the only way I try to help this planet, I turn off the sink when I am brushing my teeth and I turn off the lights when it is light out side. I keep the windows open to let cool air in.

How Eath day came to be

Senator Gaylord Nelson was an environmental tech genius and he made earth day on April 1970. After that it became a world wide epidemic where on that day people would leave that house and use no electronics.

Fun Facts

Recycling saves land fills energy. More than 2 million people die each year because of pollution. Half of our tropical and rain forests are now gone. Recycling and reusing can give jobs. They actually make 3.1 million of our jobs. This proves how much we need to recycling saves our planet.