Spirit Lockets

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Beautiful, stylish lockets, charms, chains, BOHO bracelets & watches at affordable prices.

Spirit Lockets offers a wide selection of story lockets - necklaces and bracelets - along with lots of unique floating charms, plates, spirit stamps, bling rings, accent stones, perlinas, and dangles to tell your story with your locket.

Some Locket Inspiration!!

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Fabulous BOHO bracelets and watches!!

These are so cute and super comfortable!!! Wear just one or several together!

Boho bracelets are adjustable to fit a variety of wrist sizes. Watches are adjustable between 2 sizes.

Collect them ALL!!!!

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Personalize it!!!!

Lots of unique items to personalize your locket just the way you want.

Show support for your favorite team!

Show your love for family!

Show off your team colors!

Personalize for holidays!

Personalize for for grandma or mom!

Favorite hobby? Show it off!

Show support a cause such as breast cancer!

The possibilities are endless :)

" Jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique."

Jennie Kwon
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AND.........FREE Shipping (see details below)

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Personalize YOUR Locket Today or create one for someone you love - they make fabulous gifts!!