Kermit Lesson Plan

Round #2: Monday, 12/8/14

What To Expect Today:

  • Recap Face to Face Round 2 Strategies and technology extension activities
  • Check in: where are you and what do you need?
  • Targeted Planning Time

Face to Face Training: Round 2 Recap

TEKS Resource System

To note:

  • YAG (Year at a Glance)

  • IFD (Instructional Focus Document)

  • VAD (Vertical Alignment Document)

  • Performance Assessments

Additional Resources

Additional Ideas for Prompts:

Paper Tweets & #Summaries

  • Paper or Exit Tweet: concise, 140 characters

  • Use the pdf template:

  • #Hashtag: summary, commentary, insight, or inference

Handy Reference Documents For Reference:

For Writing:

For Planning:

  • Depth of Knowledge Chart (click here)
  • Bloom's Planning Guide Chart (click here)
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The Struggle is Real :)

Writing a Paper, as told by Disney Characters:

CRAFTS: Foldable & (Pre)Writing Idea

How to Use “CRAFTS” with STAAR:

  • Summarizing the PROMPT

  • Scaffolding for prompt breakdown

  • Modeling Think Aloud process for writing

  • Prewriting venue for essays

C: Context (What is the context for the piece you are creating?)

R: Role (Who or what are you?)
A: Audience (Who are you addressing? Who is this writing for?)
F: Format (What form will the writing take: essay, editorial, response, journal, etc.?)
T: Topic (What is the purpose and topic of the piece? Why?)

S: Strong Verb (What verb defines the purpose of the assignments?)

CRAFTS Implementation: Use to teach Point of View, Character Analysis, Intended Audience, STAAR Prompts (both Expository, Persuasive)

Use sample ideas chart from Michigan Department of Education

Use the RAFT handout template here

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A Few Tech Tools To Check Out:


Student Response Systems without Student Devices


Student Video Creation (why it works: easy to use & acclimate, quick process [one class period])

  • Students create videos to explain a concept (literary device), visually depict vocabulary words, visually explain an analogy
  • See student sample here.
  • Pro tip: make sure the computers you're working with have updated flash players; be sure your students use your educator code to give them the free pro version.
  • BE SURE TO get the free educator account, sign up, THEN when you're signed in, click to apply for the free educator account.
  • OR steal Kile's code here: a4ekileb6aaf7
  • How to have students use your educator code: watch here:


Engage your students with an interactive and competitive review!

  • Use Kahoot! to review and interact with your students and gamify your classroom
  • Ideas: review concepts, vocabulary, grammar, elements of a STAAR rubric, classroom rules
  • Enrich: have students create their own Kahoots! to play as a class
  • Let's play! Go to
  • Ready to create your own?

The WordPlay: A Shout out to Shakespeare

Amazing resource and "guinea pig teacher" opportunity...

Thanks for Today! Reflect & Respond Feedback Form

Some Videos I Love and Love to Share:

The Joy of Books
JULIAN SMITH I m Reading a Book

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