Arabian Oryx



  • Classification- mammal
  • Special Body Covering- white fur covers which help these animals overcome the heat of the sun.
  • Size- Height at shoulders: 40 inches, weight: 120~150 pounds
  • Communication- snorts, grunts, moo. They mostly use body posture for communication.
  • Unusual Characteristics- Arabian oryxes have amazing ability to detect rainfall.

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Food Chain and Habitat

  • Food Sources(in wild)-grasses, shrubs, and young shoots
(in zoo)-Alfalfa hay

  • How They Find Food- travel around for food and rain
  • Herbivore
  • Man an Wolves are oryx's predators
  • Location- Middle East, mostly from Arabian Peninsula
  • Terrain- Desert
  • climate- arid
  • Home- Travels around in the group of 15


  • Adaptations for Protections- white fur coverings
  • Behaviors- travels for the rain
  • Adaptations for Getting Food- turns their stored body fat into metabolic water to hydrate themselves.
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Reasons for Endangerment and Critical Information

  • The Arabian Oryx were sold in black markets for collection, and its horn, until there was only seven left.
  • Arabian Oryxes were extinct in wild, but with the effort of San Diego Safari Park, Phoenix Zoo, Saudi Arabian Government, Arabian oryx is no longer listed endanger. Now it's listed vulnerable.
Haesung Jung

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