Newton's 100

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Newtons first law

Inertia is something that stays still until force hits it. It's a state where it stays completely still until force makes it move. My car had no force thus it stayed still. The rubber bands were not strong enough to make enough force to move my car.

Newton's 2nd Law (F=MA)

When external force hits an object it either slows down, speeds up, or stops completely. My car never moved so I wouldn't know how this would even relate to my car.

Newton's third law

For every action there is always an opposite reaction. The was no reaction with my car so there was no opposite or any reaction.

A graph


We went though 5 different cars and none of them worked. We got close on every car but we could never figure out the last part. The wheels would always fall off or just not want to work.

Made by Breanna Yeomans and Breanna White

Mrs. Rolf

Science 4

17 December 2012