Kiley's Life.


In my life I have an amazing family.

Momma.. *Emma*

Dad.. *DJ*

Brother.. *Jesse*

Sister.. *Isabella*

Best Friend. (:

My best friend is Lexi Dils. She's very funny, smart, but she has her moments where she acts like a dork. We have been best friends since 4th grade. We have had our up's and down's but we live right across the street from etch other and can't stay mad long. (:

Boyfriend. <3

My boyfriend *Kadyn* and I have been dating for almost two months. He's amazing and we hang out everyday. He lives right behind me and my mom LOVE'S him and his mom LOVE'S me. He's Perfect.! (:

Her's some pictures of Kadyn, Lexi , & Me. (: