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Building Blocks of Success Week of February 16, 2016

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Dallas ISD Core Beliefs

  • Our main purpose is to improve student academic achievement.
  • Effective instruction makes the most difference in student academic performance.
  • There is no excuse for poor quality instruction.
  • With our help, at risk students will achieve at the same rate as non-at risk students.
  • Staff members must have a commitment to children and a commitment to the pursuit of excellence.

Campus Action Plan

Key Actions

  1. Allen Elementary will increase student achievement by providing purposeful instruction in Reading, Mathematics, Writing, and Science.

  2. Improve the quality of instruction by increasing rigor and student engagement.

  3. Allen Elementary will improve positive perception of school climate and culture by all stakeholders including students, staff, parents and community.

Campus Improvement Plan

Problem Statement 1: 47% of the "all students" category did not meet the state standard in writing.

Annual Goal: 76% of the "all students" category will meet state standard in writing in the 2016 STAAR.

Problem Statement 2: 67% of the African American students did not meet the state target in reading.

Annual Goal: 76% of the African American students will meet the state target in reading in 2016.

Problem Statement 3: Less than 5% of all students met 2 or more subject area tests at Final Level II in the 2015 STAAR assessment.

Annual Goal: 15% of all students will meet 2 or more subject area tests at Final Level II in the 2016 STAAR assessment.

Building Blocks to Success

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This is the perfect day to express my appreciation for everything you do for our scholars.

Proud to be an Eagle!

Week at a Glance...

Magnificent Monday, February 15, 2016

  • Holiday- President's Day

Terrific Tuesday, February 16, 2016

  • Attendance is due by 9:00 am

  • Fourth grade Writing Mock STAAR Test

  • PLC MOCK STAAR testing 3rd, 4th, 5th during planning

  • Tutoring

Wonderful Wednesday, February 17, 2016

  • Attendance is due by 9:00 am

  • Fifth grade Reading Mock STAAR Test

  • Superintendent's Principal's Meeting

  • Tutoring

Thrilling Thursday, February 18, 2016

  • Attendance is due by 9:00 am

  • Tutoring

  • Lesson Plans are due
  • Fifth grade Mock STAAR Test
  • Parent Prep U STAAR Test Information at 9:30 a.m.

Fabulous Friday, February 19, 2016

  • End of the fourth Six Weeks


Saturday, February 20- Saturday School

Eagle Pride Ceremony

On Friday, we celebrated the Eagle Pride Ceremony. Our Gabe P. Allen Student leaders received their Eagle Pride Lanyard and Eagle Pin. The intent of the Eagle Pride Program is to recognize and reward the students who set a positive example for the rest of the students. We refer to these students as our “Eagle Pride Students”. Each of these students has received a “Gabe P. Allen Charter School Eagle Pride Lanyard” and an Eagle Pin. This makes the Eagle Pride Student eligible to receive others pins which they can place on their lanyards.

In order to become an Eagle Pride Student, a student must comply with the following criteria:

· Students who have kept their badge or only received one badge note during a six week period.

· Students who have completed all of their homework or only missed two assignments for all subjects.

· Students who have arrived on time for school.

· Students who are prepared for classes.

· Students who are always in uniform.

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Love is in the air! Pre-K students celebrated Valentine's Day with balloons. They were excited as they were leaving the building on Friday. Ms. Norton was graciously leading them.

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"What I Love About Teaching." Edutopia. N.p., 24 Mar. 2009. Web. 14 Feb. 2016.

There's a lot I love about being a teacher. Teaching is one of those rare professions that keeps your brain young, allowing you to continue your own journey as a student and a lifelong learner. We as educators speak often about creating lifelong learners, but if we aren't buying into it ourselves, then our students don't stand a chance.

Michelle Pfeiffer once said that being an actor allows her, with every new character, to learn something new, immersing herself in a distinct universe with each project. Being a teacher is that and so much more.

Keeping It Real

Each school year brings new people into your life. Each unit and lesson brings new perspectives. Each failure, when looked at formatively, can help you solve new problems. Each success, when used reflectively, can be even greater the next time.

Sharing oneself, thinking aloud, and being honest about what's working and what isn't is not about making the environment "softer." It's about creating a classroom in which students are at their best in attitude and character. It's about classroom management being better because students want to be there, learning from a teacher who is also willing to learn from them. "The one who does the teaching is the one who's doing the learning," as they say.

Teaching is a job that encourages your own growth because to do it well requires your own continuous education. Some might say that's a bad thing, but growth is about facing your demons -- or just your imps -- and dueling yourself for greater knowledge.

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

I believe true growth as a person can happen only by challenging yourself with situations that are not familiar to you. Throwing yourself into a job in which you can encounter people of different ethnicities and religions and with different philosophies, learning styles, and backgrounds can only cause you to grow as a person, and public education provides that environment.

And you never know how that will eventually translate. For some, it will mean a growth in empathy. For others, the fact that your brain learns something new every day becomes a means to fight old age. Remember those nuns from Wales featured in Time magazine a few years back? This group of long-lived nuns had theories about their own longevity as it related to their active brain activities. Learning, they believed, kept Alzheimer's at bay and helped their minds stay intact even while their bodies aged.

Whatever your beliefs are, the fact is that a good teacher continues to be a student. This could mean you continue to be a student in a graduate class, or you could simply be a student of your own school community.

In my ten years of teaching, I learned more from other teachers, my students, and their parents than I learned from any class in my teacher-credential program. (True, that's not difficult to do -- but that's another post.) In turn, when they saw my own enthusiasm for learning, students were more inclined to learn from me. And that's how my own happiness and growth has translated into the success of my students.

What impact has a passion for lifelong learning had on your teaching?

Go Noodle

Ms. Davila's students were having recess in their classroom. GoNoodle is a fun, interactive way to get the kids moving. It is the perfect choice during inclement weather days.

Gabe P. Allen Elementary

Sheila Ortiz Espinell- Principal

Franceslia Rodriguez- AP

Russell Sims-AP