Public Service

The Selection and Qualities to enter a Public Service

Describe the entry requirements for two public service jobs.

I choose Police service and Fire service to describe the entry requirements for two public service jobs.

Fire service entry requirements: You have to be at least 17.5 years old to apply for fire service.

Eyesight is really important for fire service, because firefighters require a certain level of eyesight to enable them to carry out their role, and to see better when there is incident happened.

Fire educational Requirements: you need to have a GCSE equivalent grade

Some place require you to take the level 2 Award/certificate/Diploma in Fire and Rescue Service in the community

Physical Tests: you will be required to undertake physical tests which aim to assess your level of fitness, strength as well as your level of confidence in simulated exercises.

This is the tests you would do:

  • Ladder Climb
  • Casualty Evacuation
  • Ladder Lift
  • Enclosed Spaces
  • Equipment Assembly
  • Equipment Carry

You will need to pass all of these to join

Medical Test: you will be invited to attend a medical, where you will be examined by the Fire and Rescue service Doctor and your medical records obtained from your GP.

Fire medical requirement: you need Hearing Test, Lung Function, Physical stamina, if you pass these you will be able to join.

Police service:

Age to join the Police: You have to be 18 years old to be able to apply and join the police service in the UK.

Police Educational Requirements: You must have at least a minimum of a level 3 qualification and you must have at least 300 UCAS points

Police Physical Requirements: you have to do a fitness test, which is a 15 metre bleep test, on bleep test you have to get to a level of 5.5 to pass, sit ups, push up.

Police Medical Requirements: All medical criteria will be checked - including eyesight, hearing and body mass index, you need to pass these to join

Application and selection process for two public service jobs

Police Service

Completing an application form is the first step of a long process to join the police, if you fail at any stage you have to wait 6 months before you can apply again, the form is not just a few pages oh filling in personal details, it's been designed to test applicants, when completing a form, there are things you must do, and things you shouldn't do.

The do's

  • Complete the form in neat tidy and easy to read writing.
  • Filling the form with black ink.
  • Sections that do not apply should be marked N/A.
  • Make sure you keep the form clean and don't scrunch it up.

The don't

  • Don't leave any sections blank.
  • Do not use inform words
  • Don't ingnore instructions

The application form consists of 24 pages and is broken down into different section

  • About you
  • Employment history
  • Education and skills
  • Competency questions

When joining the police, it doesn't matter what skin colour or religion you are, you have the same chance as everyone else. This gives everyone an equal opportunity.

This is the application process when joining the police

  • The application pack
This is where you find police recruiting and request for an application

  • The assessment center
This is where they english and maths will be tested

  • Medical and Fitness tests
When joining the police they must make sure they are healthy and. Fit enough to to pass the test or fit enough to join the police.

Fire Service

When joining the Fire service, this is joining process you must go through, first you must filling out a application form, filling out a application form probably the most important part of the recruitment process, and this is the only chance you have of getting to the next stage.

  • Filling out the form with black ink
  • Make sure the form is neat and tidy and easy to read the writing
  • Check spilling mistakes
  • Do not lies
Selection process

  • Written assessment
  • Understanding information test
This test assesses your ability to read and understand written information

  • Situational Awareness and Problem Solving test
This test looks at your ability to ensure the safety of yourself and others as well as your ability to use information to solve problems.

Medical and Fitness test

  • The purpose of the medical is to assess the general level of health, including weight, blood pressure and lung function to make sure the firefighters fit enough to do theirs jobs
  • Fitness Test: ladder climb, ladder lift, equipment assembly and equipment carry, these are the havy jobs so they need to make sure you are able to finish the task in the correct timings.
  • Interview: interview is really important, because they will ask you questions and to do some task, so they can find out if you got the skills to be come a firefighter.
If you pass all the tests, phases you will be ready to join the fire service.

Identify the different skills and qualities required for a given public service role

Police Service: Teamwork is important because if there is road collision the police need to work with different service to deal with scene and gathering evidence.

Communication : You need excellent communication skills to be in the police service as you may be in pursuit of a suspect and you may be speak to the public or go to school to give lesson to the students.

You need good self confidence to be in the police service as you may have to interview a witness or suspect and may will have to get them to give a witness statement.


You need good community interest to be in the police service so you know who selling drugs or other criminal activity. You may also need it so you can get information from people which is relevant to a case you is working on.

You need good initiative in the police service so if you see something that's look suspicious you need to go over and see what is going on and maybe get an arrest.

You need to have a good commitment to be in the police service, so you put all the effort into a case and into your job in general so get the best outcomes.