Winter News

Social Studies

We learned...

  • about the countries that make up North America.
  • the seven continents and five oceans.
  • the purpose of the compass rose.
  • about land forms.
  • the first North Americans.
  • about Martin Luther King Jr.
  • all about President's day.
  • read about Abraham Lincoln.


We ...

  • learned how to write "small moments" that are personal narratives.
  • worked with a partner to edit our finished stories.
  • wrote New Year's Resolutions.
  • worked on adding feelings to our personal narrative.
  • did grammar lessons on punctuation.
  • learned to stretch the middle of our story by adding action.
  • filled in a job application to be one of Santa's Elves.
  • made Valentine's Day Cards.
  • wrote about our snow days.



  • learned about character traits.
  • read stories that contained great characters.
  • learned to look at what a character does and says to identify their inside traits.
  • talked about how characters change during a story.
  • did oral presentations as our favorite character.
  • read wonderful stories about the holidays, winter, and mittens.
  • worked on short vowels e and o.
  • Reviewed all the short vowel families.
  • worked on long vowels that are created using magic e.
  • learned to add blends to short vowel words. Examples: bl, cl, sl, sk, dr, br
  • did short and long vowel review activities.



  • worked on ways to make "Today's Number".
  • found all the ways we can make the number 9, 10, and 11.
  • worked on addition and subtraction story problems.
  • learned to identify the operation when solving a word problem.
  • learned to use counting on and counting back.
  • worked on counting forward and backward starting at a number between 1 and 100.
  • learned about surveys and how to represent the data.
  • created graphs using the data we collected.
  • played Guess My Rule.

Holiday Party

Valentine's Day

Note from Mrs. Hollander


In the next few weeks I will be sending home several new items to add to your child's BEE Binder. The first item is a math fact ring. Each week your child will meet with a parent volunteer to identify facts they should practice for the week. Fact fluency and sight word fluency practice should be part of your child's nightly homework. I will also be sending home a packet of addition and subtraction word problems. This will include an example of how your child has been taught to efficiently solve the problems and show his/her work. The children are doing a wonderful job in school. Your continued support at home is an essential part of their continued growth. It is important that your child continue to read aloud each evening to build stamina and fluency. Don't forget to retell using the yellow brick road! If you have any questions about how to help your child please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank your for continuing to partner with me in your child's learning.

Mrs. Hollander