U.S Marines

United States Marines

First choice out of the two I chose

Benefits of being in the Marines

  1. Health Insurance will be payed for you.
  2. You don't have to pay for housing.
  3. You get lots of respect earned while in the marines.
  4. A true chance to travel around the world.
  5. Get paid plenty of money throughout your years of serving.

Most asked Questions in the Marines

  1. Do you get paid while serving in the Marines?
  2. When are recruiting offices open?
  3. Is there a reserve for the Marines?

The Few The Proud The MARINES

Enlistment requirments

  1. you must be 17 years of age to enlist in the military.
  2. If you are 20 at at the time of commissioning you can join in.
  3. If you are not 29 at the time of commissioning you can be enlisted.
  4. if you have not turned 28 yet at time of commissioning you can become an officer.
  5. if you are a citizen of the united states you are guaranteed a spot as an officer.
  6. If you prove legal of residency you can become enlisted.
  7. You have to be physically examined before you can join at all.
  8. you have to have a high school diploma.
  9. You need your bachelors degree to become an officer
  10. You must go through recruit training at MCRD Parris Island or MCRD San Diego

what my parents think

My dad does not want me to go into the military at all because he had told me. "well colleges do not send you to Iraq" I was happy though because he was worried and I was to but it is what I want to do.


I was not able to contact a recruiter due to no emails found for the Marines.