The Science News

Issue 1, February 3

Victoria Cowie smarter Einstein?

Iq of this girl is 162 points (Einstein 160). When Victoria`s results of tests be came known to society, four the most prestigious shools of Great Britain offered grant to young genius. "Mensah" - community claverest people of the world enrolled girl in theirs rangs. Girlie was smarter then Sigmund Freud (156).
"I like natural sciences and conduct experiments, well as acting, dancing and plaing on musical instruments" saw Victoria.

This girl has a great future.

Black King

17 January, Louisvelle, Kentucky, Has born Muhammad Ali.

Original Name Cassins Marcellus Clay, that he will renamed to Muhammed Ali ofter the first title of champion in fight with Sonnu Liston in 1964, and the adoption of Islam. In 1918, Ali, in aged 37 years, retired from boxing. With three losses took all in a rematch. He reterned in bixing after 2 years. He spent and lost two matches, one of which was the first and early.
56 wins (37 KO)
5 looses

Chinese scientists managed to get the green glowing piglest

Two green piglets born in China, reported agency Rater.

Pig, who bore such unusual cubs, is bright-green, but theirs father have normal coloring. Pig-hero born in China in december of 2006, after scientists entered into an embryo green protein. Piggy bore eleven piglets, two of whom were mother`s color. "With help of this technology we can make pigs for transplant theirs agencies to humans" - said Liu Chzhongua.