Kingdoms of Africa

By: Morgan Salazar

The Kingdom of Ghana

Location: In the upper Niger River valley, between Sahara and the tropical forests along the west African coast.

Government: They had kings who were strong rulers who governed without any laws and relied on an army of thousands of men to protect their kingdom and enforce their wishes.

Economy: Ghana's gold made it the center of a trade empire. Muslim merchants also traded other goods and salt. Salt was very Important, because it was used to preserve food and improve taste.

Collapse: It flourished for several hundred years, and eventually it was weakened by wars and collapsed during the 1100's.

The Kingdom of Mali

Location: Mali is located on the Atlantic coast, but it extends as far inland to the famous city of Timbuktu

Government: Sundiata Keita created a strong government, there were also local rulers that collected taxes and sent the taxes to the kings of Mali. Mansa Musa doubled the size of the kingdom and divided the kingdom into provinces ruled by governors.

Economy: Mali built its wealth and power on the gold and salt trade.

Collapse: By 1359, the civil war divided mali


The Kingdom of Songhai

Location: The niger river, south of the bend.

Government: Kossi converted to islam and established the Dia dynasty. This was the first Songhai state, it prospered because muslim trade routes. Muhammed Ture divided Songhai into provinces, with a governor in charge of each one.

Economy: Prospered from the salt and gold trade.

Collapse: Near the end of the 16th century, the forces of the sultan of Morocco occupied much of Sanghai.