Restaurant Crawl

Dishing It Up for Kareema's 33rd Birthday!

Eat Until You Crawl

It’s no secret that I am a food enthusiast. This birthday I decided to embark on a foodie exploration through the Northern Liberties section. No one likes to eat alone so I am asking my fellow female foodies to join me!

Have you ever wanted to try a couple of restaurants in one go? The key to that is not filling up at one place. We’ll start off at one restaurant, eat a decent amount and leave room for more. Then we'll head on to the next one.

I highly recommend wearing something with an elastic waistband, as well as comfortable shoes. All of the restaurants are within walking distance of each other.

Be There or Be Hungry

Sunday, April 6th, 1-5pm

Northern Liberties, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Philadelphia, PA

Bar Ferdinand ~ 1030 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19123

El Camino Real ~ 1040 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19123

Baan Thai ~ 1030 N American St, Philadelphia, PA 19123

ModoMio ~ 161 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19123

Crawl Stops

#1 - Bar Ferdinand ~ 1:00pm

Sangria & Tapas please!!!

#2 - El Camino Real ~ 2:00pm

Texas Cheesesteak anyone??? Margaritas Maybe???

#3 - Baan Thai ~ 3:00pm

An order of Money Bags of course!!!

#4 - ModoMio ~4:00pm

Mama Mia 4 courses?!?!

The Bottom Line

How Much Will This Crawl Cost?

That's up to you!
It's my birthday, so I don't mind the cost or if I do end up "crawling" by the end.

I plan on going all out!

But you, however, may not be able/want to. So...for the love of being a "Foodie", just come and treat yourself to what you can. You may choose to eat at all 4 stops, or perhaps just 2 or 3.

Only you know your limits.

I'm looking forward to your company!

Please RSVP via text ASAP as I need a definite head count for "foodie favors" and reservations.