6 Traits of Writing

Josh Haugse


Creating ideas is always the first step in writing

  • use your resource to get ideas
  • ask a teacher
  • chose a topic that fits you


  • have a good topic sentence
  • have good details
  • make sure your conclusion sentence


  • have good sentence flounce
  • have good word choice
  • don't have short chapy sentence

Word choice

Good writing contains strong words

  • use noun and verbs
  • use a thesaurus
  • use exiting add verbs and verbs

sentence fluency

Effective writing

  • use a variety of words
  • use smooth sentences
  • don't use run on sentences


  • edit using cops
  • use evaluation sheet to revise

Six Traits Of Writing Model - A Review

writing process

  • brainstorm
  1. think of ideas
  2. writing them down
  • compose
  1. make a rough draft
  • evaluation
  1. look offer your writing
  • revision
  1. add better ideas
  2. shorting sentence
  • editing
  1. fix your miss stakes
  • publishing
  1. share it with people

write tools

  • t- table
  • making notes
  • make sure you have a topic sentence
  • make sure you main ideas

core topic sentences

  • number statements
  • have topic sentence

transitions words

  • have good word choice
  • don't use the same word
  • have a big word choice


  • have good details
  • have good word choice


  • make sure your conclusion makes cents
  • don't have it be very long