Inglewood Middle Charter Academy

Home of the Cougars!


Our spirit and determination to build a successful middle school is palpable. Our parents have commented on the vibe and positive energy they feel when they step onto our campus, our home office team has shared great feedback with me related to our growth this year, and last but not least, our scholars are proud to call you their teachers and IIMCA their school!

  • Lesson Plans! Most are doing a great job at submitting their lesson plans on time. Shout out to Turner and Dougherty for getting their plans on Saturday! Reminder: Plans are due by 3 pm on Sunday or the day before we return to school (ie Labor Day weekend!)

  • Routines, rituals, and procedures- Are your scholars following your expectations at least 80% of the time? Have you noticed that the intensity at which you were facilitating these expectations has faltered? Your routines, rituals, and procedures are the corner stone of a well-managed successful class. If you need support in this area, reach out to Nimat.

  • Grades, grades, grades- Start inputting your graded assignments into Illuminate. Scholars must have at least two graded assignments that are standards-aligned in the grade book each week. We will address the grade book during our Wednesday PD.

  • Classroom environments- They are coming along! Nancy checked out everyone's space and left feedback with everyone. Work through the checklist and have your classroom ready to go by Sept 17!

  • Agendas- How is it going? Are scholar's completing the agenda on a daily basis? If not, what support do you need to make sure this happening.


  • Attendance has improved! Continue taking attendance on a daily basis during the first 15 minutes of each class period. If you have any issues, contact Ericka immediately.

  • Our total school enrollment is down. We MUST enroll 15 scholars as soon as possible, reach out to Terrance if you would like to help our efforts.

  • 100% in every classroom is occurring in 65%- 70% of our classrooms. Our goal is 95% of the time we are experiencing 100% in the classroom.

Save The Date

  • Wednesday- 2: ALL Staff Team PD- Everyone will meet in Mr. Heath's classroom to discuss all items IIMCA!

  • Thursday- 3: Capitol Tour Enrollment Meeting @5pm (If you are interested in attending the DC trip, please attend)

  • Saturday 5: Parent Volunteer Opportunity @9am - 1pm. Come on out and get to know our parents a little better!

  • Monday- 7: Labor Day: Enjoy your three-day weekend!

  • Tuesday- 8: School Resumes

  • Wednesday- 9: Instructional Team PD- We will meet in the Computer Lab @1:30pm

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