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Japan experience in a Japanese style of perfection and finesse, this is exactly what happens when your tour Japan lay in the finest hands of Iam group limited Japan. I am group Japan packages your tour to Japan with utmost creativity so as to make your trip in your true accordance. Iam group ltd believes in creating a stay for you that is in all its way welcoming, friendly, unforgotten and more than gratifying.

Japan a country immersed in the ocean of culture, etiquettes, traditions and customs so empowered that it absorbs a part of your soul to reside in its guardian walls forever. Its beauty so pure, those soaring mountains, those hot spring baths, those Elysian gardens will capture your heart for the time immemorial. All this with well furnished luxury stay by iam group ltd only adds to such a rustic glory. Iam group limited Japan offers you a variety of tour packages as per your requirements, namely:

Escorted Tour package: this is a small group tour package that is absolutely culture immersed and has a well designed creative itinerary to a smart tour. Also this package is much generalized in prices and involves experienced guides and tour bearers for worthy ordeal.

Independent Tour Package: this is a pre defined tour package which is quite flexible in its nature. It has some easy to follow instructions that helps one have a wondrous escapade of Japan.

Custom and Group travel services: this entire tour package is customized as per the needs and requirements of the customers in all regards like that of lodging, reservations etc.

Iam group limited Japan makes all efforts to provide you with a stay that is in all respects “temporary Japanese”, to help you get the true taste of original Japan which is defined by its customs and traditions like that of public bathing practiced throughout, gift giving, no tipping at restaurants rather speaking humble words of praise, removing shoes before entering shrines and private homes and most importantly bowing in the right manner by bending from the waist and keeping your back straight. All these practices can be rightly being lived up to as “temporary Japanese”, an affair so phenomenally created and managed by iam group limited Japan. To visit energized neon lit towns, mystic mountains, temples and shrines in Japan log into www.iamgroupltdjapan.com today!!