Our Lady of the Cape Primary School

Newsletter - Thursday 30th June 2022

Dear God,

Thank you for make ing our pets

and giny pigs and the rabbits.

And I am sory you had to have holls in your hands.

And thank you for making the wrld.

(Emma Yr 2)

2022 Important Dates

Fri 1 Jul: Y3 - Y6 Dance Concert 1.40pm

End Term 2

Week 1: Term 3

Mon 18 July - Students Return

Wed 19 July - Little Seedlings commences 9.00 - Library

Thu 21 July - 6H Numbat Talk - Class Totem

Fri 22 July - General Assembly

Week 2:

Tue 26 July - Reconciliation Parent Workshop

Wed 27 - Fri 29 July - Year 6 Camp

Wed 27 July - Little Seedlings commences 9.00 - Library

Wed 27 July - Y4 Parish Mass

Thu 28 July - I/School X Country Y3 - Y6

Fri 29 July - 3L Assembly

Dear Parents, Grandparents and Caregivers in the OLC Community,

Dance Festival and School Band performance

Our Term Two will end on a real high with the Year 3-6 students performing a dance and our OLC Rock band performing for everyone. The performances will commence at 1.40pm this Friday in our school hall.

Term 3 Staffing Changes

Mrs Delane will be taking a well-deserved Long Service leave in Term 3. We are delighted to announce that Mrs Vanessa Gleeson will teach the class from Monday to Thursday and Miss Claire Gilpin will teach the class on Fridays.

Mrs Murphy will be continuing to share the teaching of the Y3H (now Y3M) class with Mrs O'Brien. Mrs Kathy Holt will be returning to school to assist students requiring support and Mrs Emily Tucker will be commencing maternity leave.

As mentioned in last week’s newsletter, I will be taking Long Service Leave and Study Leave for the second semester. Mrs Carmel Costin will be Acting Principal for the remainder of the year.

We will shortly advertise for a new Assistant Principal to commence at OLC in 2023 as Mr Torrese returns to the classroom to continue his passion for teaching our beautiful students.

Two Minute Footy Challenge

Congratulations to our students who were able to achieve so much in such a short time. The following scores are the tally of marks and kicks in two minutes.
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Wheels After Meals

A large number of beaming faces were zooming around the top car park on Tuesday lunch time enjoying 'Wheels After Meals'.
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Clontarf Foundation Visit

A number of the younger students from the Clontarf Football Foundation visited OLC last Wednesday afternoon. They led a group of our Year 6 students in a football clinic.

Little Seedlings Playgroup

Mrs Amy Sherborne will recommence "Little Seedlings" will commence on Wednesdays of Term 3 from 9am-9:45am in the Book Bunker. (School Library).

Please click on the link below to fill out your details if you are interested in attending: https://forms.office.com/r/VVEWRLPxwk


Our school reports will be available on SEQTA engage on Friday 1 July from 3.30. The teachers have been working very hard to achieve the very best outcomes for the students in their care.

Assemblies in Term 3

Class assemblies will recommence in Term Three on Fridays at 2.15. The dates are all on the calendar on the school website.

Did you know?

  • You should always give 100% .. except when giving blood.
  • Two pet lambs named Annie and Rosie came to visit school last Monday.
  • Flynn and Beau Butterly were on ABC Drive radio last Monday afternoon at 3.05 pm. Beau chose the song “Ice Ice Baby” for “Pick up Pick” and Flynn chose “Rock this Party”. Both boys promoted our school and Flynn expressed his love for footy and art. His favourite artist is Paul Klee. Top work boys.
  • Elias Baker (1) won the Year One cross country for boys.
  • Our Year 3 potato crop will be ready for harvesting early Term 3.
  • The site office for the new buildings has been placed in the staff car park.
  • Ruby Wardrope has a five-year-old black dog named “Shadow”. Shadow has lots of grey hairs on his face.
  • Lily Barham (K) has a new drink bottle and was munching into some deliciously fresh vegemite sandwiches with the crusts cut off for lunch last Tuesday. She also has a big brother named Oscar. Oscar is a top man.
  • PPB were learning our language sounds with “Farmer John’s Tractor” last Wednesday morning. Mrs. Birch grew up on a farm and learnt lots of language in the process.
  • Tom Barton (K) is excellent at doing backflips.
  • Mrs King writes with her left hand.
  • Lexi Lambert (3) had a sausage sandwich at lunch on Tuesday.
  • Patch (1) and Will (3) move into their new house on July 12.
  • Dallas (PP) is a Sydney Swans supporter.

Thanks P&F

Amongst many other things, the P&F are organising local artists to come to school to work with our students during the second semester. There will be artists in residence, along with other artists working with students to create murals around the school.

Uniform Change

After consulting numerous parents, staff and students, families will be given the choice of whether to wear the traditional black leather shoes or totally black sneakers with their formal uniform.

We want our students to be active, running, climbing, playing and although the black leather shoes look great, they are not the most practical for active little feet.

It is optional and the sneakers are required to be totally black, as per the photo below and on our website. Students can wear the black sneakers as both sports and formal uniform. On Sports days the predominantly black, white or grey shoes are permitted.

Please note - no skater shoes (volley) style for either sports or formal uniform.

Local sports stores have been informed of this change to our uniform.

  • When people appreciate what they have.
  • Watching and listening to students use their manners.
  • When people show respect for each other.
Eugene Lee


Sporting Schools Program Term 3

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Uniform News - Perm-A-Pleat Mid Year Break

Perm-A-Pleat Schoolwear annual mid-year break this year commences on 9 July 2022. Our office and warehouse will re-open on Monday 25 July 2022. On line order deliveries will be as follows:

  1. Home deliveries: Please place online orders by close of business on Wednesday 6th July to ensure they can be despatched by Friday 8th July. Thereafter, orders will be despatched during the week of Monday 25 July 2022.
  2. Consolidate to School deliveries: :Please place online orders by close of business on Wednesday 6th July to ensure they can be despatched by Friday 8th July. Orders will be held in transit, and will be delivered to the school on Tuesday 19 July 2022. Thereafter, orders will be despatched during the week of Monday 25 July 2022.

Lost Property

Please come and look in the lost property bin outside the office. There are multiple jumpers, hats, lunch boxes, drink bottles and even a wrist cast. A timely reminder to label everything! Items not collected are donated to the second hand uniforms and Vinnies.

P&F News

Get your forms in this Friday for a chance to have your family name on our brick path!!

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