Countdown to Kindergarten

A newsletter for all BSD kindergarten families!

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Welcome to the Bremerton School District!

As the Superintendent of the Bremerton School District, I want to welcome all of you to the Bremerton School District family.

As the dad of three sons, I know that sending your child to Kindergarten may seem daunting - especially in light of everything happening in our world and community right now.

We normally have several events planned throughout the spring and summer to connect with kindergarten families and provide families an opportunity to tour our schools, meet teachers, and learn about the resources and programs in the District. We've had to cancel many of those programs due to COVID-19, but we are doing the best we can to connect with our families virtually. We want to do all we can to help you and your child prepare so you and your child will feel confident when school starts in the fall.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns at 360-473-1077 or You can also submit your concerns here.

Again - welcome to the Bremerton School District. We look forward to meeting you and your child very soon!


Dr. Aaron Leavell


Bremerton School District

Free meals for all children in the community

Meals are available at no cost for all children* in the community.

The Bremerton School District provides meals for all children in the community age 18 and under, or up to age 21 if enrolled in the Bremerton School District.

  • Children do not have to be enrolled in the Bremerton School District to receive a meal.
  • The meal bags will contain a breakfast and a lunch for one day.
  • Students do not need to be present for a parent/guardian to receive a meal.
    • A parent, guardian, or caretaker may pick up the meal bag.




  • As you read to your child, talk about the story and the pictures.
  • Ask questions like: "What do you think will happen next?"
  • Read ABC picture books and practice saying the letter names and the sound each letter makes
  • Play rhyming games. "I see a dog, can you think of a word that rhymes with dog?"
  • Play I spy with letter sounds. I spy a cat, can you think of a word that starts with the same sound as cat?"

Building Math Skills

  • When driving around town, point out numbers that you see on buildings and signs.
  • Ask your child to bring a specific number of objects, such as 4 plates or 3 forks
  • Have your child count everything! They can count the number of crackers they have for snack, the steps to the car, how many people at the table
  • Play card and board games that require counting and numbers like "Go Fish" or "Candy Land"
  • Have your child start labeling events on a calendar. Your child can count and mark off days until exciting events.


  • Set up play dates with friends and cousins or attend story time at your closest Kitsap Regional Library
  • Play games that help your child learn how to take turns and help them practice how to both win and lose with appropriate reactions
  • Help teach your child to identify their feelings; this will help them communicate more effectively with teachers and friends
  • Have your child start learning how to put on and zipping or snapping their own coat
  • Have your child start practicing their independence in the bathroom; they can practice zipping and snapping their pants and washing their hands all by themselves
  • Have your child start practicing small chores like picking up toys, making their bed, or helping with dishes

Educational Resources for Families

We put together a set of resources to help families and children of all ages: from preschool through high school. These resources can help your student practice skills, spark creativity and imagination, and keep curious minds engaged all summer long! We invite you to check it out!

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Newsletter updated 4/20/2021