The Experiments

Mingrim's experiment was the only humane experiment we learned about recently. the Stanford prison experiment was horrible because the guy doing the experiment didn't know when to stop. His girlfriend was the one to tell him this is not right and you turned those innocent kids to monsters. The guards let the power go towards their head and took the project too far because they started torching the prisoners. The guards forgot that it was an experiment and if the coin flipped the other way they would be the prisoners. Abu Ghraib was a horrible inhumane way of American bullying helpless people. I understand that 9/11 was fresh into the people's minds and that their supervisors were ok with it but that should have been illegal and everyone involved should have been trialed for war crimes. It was all really sick, they let a mentally ill person roll around in his feces and call him s*** boy and laughed about it. I hope everyone of those reversed people look back at their actions and are mad at themselves and try to be a better person.