Stephen Hawking

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The Hawking Family!!!!!!

Stephen Hawking was born in a wonderful place called Oxford, England on January 8th 1942. His father worked as a medical research scientist. Stephens dads name was Frank. His mother Isobel was a graduate form Oxford University. She stayed home with Stephen and 3 siblings, the 3 siblings names were Mary, Philippa, and Edward. Stephens family was a very intelligent family. Stephens family also loved books, they loved books so much that they would even read them at dinner time!

Creating and Building

Stephens school notice how smart Stephen was. They nicknamed Stephen Einstein, because Einstein was a very smart guy, his exact name is Albort Einstein.Stephen had a close group of friends. Stephen and his group of friends built a lot of stuff, like complex board games and built fireworks together. The group also built a computer out of recycled clock and machines parts.They called it LUCE. This computer could solve simple math problems. At age 14 Stephen decided to focus math and physics. At his father's advice, Stephen also studied chemistry.He later applied to Oxford University in the United Kingdom. He was accepted as a student when he was only 17 years old.

Stephens siblings

Stephen In The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory

Stephen Hawking is coming to the University for an extended guest lecture series, and the series is The Big Bang Theory. Since Howard knows that Sheldon really likes Stephen Hawking Howard is planning to introduce Sheldon to Stephen Hawking.

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