Diesel engine

By: Owen Licht-"Don't be a weasel buy the engine of diesel"

Better than the steam engine!

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Rudolf Diesel-Was a German inventor and mechanical engineer.

It will benefit engineers or everyday people most when they need a power source for almost any mode of transportation, or if they need a more energy efficient alternative power source to the steam engine! It will change the life of us in the late 1800's!


I learned that the diesel engine works by using the slider-crank mechanism, atomized diesel fuel, and utilizing different strokes to turn chemical energy into mechanical energy to power what ever it is that it's running. There are four different strokes that happen to make the slider-crank mechanism (piston) create mechanical energy. The suction stroke, in which the piston moves downwards to allow oxygen to come into the chamber, then all that oxygen gets compressed by the piston as it moves back upwards causing the air to heat up, then atomized diesel fuel is put into the compressed air by the fuel injector which is instantly vaporized causing an explosion which pushes the piston back down in the chamber and energy in the fluid gets converted to mechanical energy in the piston. Finally, because of how the machine is built and because of inertia, the piston is propelled back up releasing the exhaust fumes.

This invention had a big effect on the people back in the 1800's and people today because it was a more efficient and friendly way to power your machines such as buses trucks and all sorts of different things back then and now.

I chose the comparison marketing technique because it made sense to have the same technique used to sell the product as why it was made, to be a better alternative to the steam engine.

Diesel Engine, How it works ?