Thank You for stopping by my booth!

Thanks for stopping by my Scentsy booth at the Pet Expo

Thank you!

A special shout-out to my new friends from the Vegas Pet Expo. I appreciate your stopping by and filling out a Drawing Form. Scott and I enjoyed meeting everyone. I've already contacted the winner of my drawing. BUT.... there's a chance to win a little something else from Scentsy Sharron, I've got a Second Chance Drawing below.

Interested in Fundraiser? I've got a couple of ideas in here for you, my favorite of which is the Buddy Clip Fundraiser, where you get about $7.41 per Clip sold (based on the tax rate in your area). You'll find a breakdown at the bottom of the Newsletter, along with pictures of all 7 of our Buddy Clips.

If your Drawing Form indicated that you would like to receive my Scentsy Newsletter, you have been added to that Email list. There are 2 emails sent per month, Scentsy sends one at the beginning of the month with Scentsy news then I send out an Ecalendar mid-month so that you know where you can find me and get some additional information about any personal specials that I have running that month. If you didn't request the Newseltter, or don't remember if you did, follow this Newsletter down to my Second Chance Drawing, enter it and you can make the request there.

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Earn FREE Scentsy!!

Let me help you earn oodles of Scentsy product for FREE! Get your Party on my calendar before June 30th and get an additional $15 in Host Credit when your Party hits $500.

You choose the Party style that works best for you and your friends:
In-home Party ~ Catalog Party ~ Facebook Party

Even though I live in Arizona, I can still get you everything you need to have a successful Party - I'll mail you some of my wax testers so that you can invite friends over and/or take them to work.

I'm a low-pressure Consultant, you know your friends better than I do so you pick the Party style that suits you.

Can't wait to plan your Party? Call or Email me today!


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*Booking Special information:

Schedule your Party by 06/30/16 and hold it by Oct 20th. If your Party gets to $500 you will receive 15 additional Host Reward Dollars.

The Party must be held on the originally scheduled date. It does not need to be in-home, it can be a Catalog/Basket Party or a Facebook/Twitter Party.

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How to reach ScentsySharron

You can order online, or Email/Call me and I'll help you get your order placed.

Bills got you strapped for cash?

Feeling a bit of a financial pinch? Want to add a bit of cushion to help pay for some of those wedding expenses?

Scentsy is a great way to help to add cushion to your wallet. Your Starter Kit will get you everything you need to get your business up-and-running for only $99 plus tax and shipping.

Let's schedule a Party and I can help you earn the money to purchase your Starter Kit - I'll give you some catalogs and loan you my wax testers. You can take paper orders and use them to submit as your first Party order when you sign up! (a new Consultant can earn $100 on a $500 Party, and if YOU are the Host you also redeem the Rewards)

You can Host your own Party with your family, friends, and co-workers. And then you reap the rewards in the form of commission $$ AND you'll get the Host Rewards . . . as a Consultant you CAN be the Host of your own Party! :)

I have loved selling Scentsy (for over 5 years now). I started with the intent to just make the commission on family and myself, it blossomed into a Part Time job and about 3 years ago it became my Full Time job. Haven't regretted it for a minute. I've made lots of friends along the way.

Click here to learn more or take the leap and sign up!

On the fence? Not sure you're ready to take the plunge? Click here to learn more. If nothing else, when you sign up you get almost $200 of fabulous Scentsy products (and another $75 or so in marketing materials) for only $99.

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If you're even slightly interested, it's totally worth your $99 to sign up for the Kit and get all of the goodies. 'Test the waters' by asking your friends and family to order. At the very least, you'll make a little money on their orders and get over $200 in Scentsy products in the Starter Kit that you can use for yourself.

Call or Email me if you'd like to chat about it,, 305.741.2468. Or maybe you'd like to meet somewhere for coffee? I live in Fountain Hills, we can find a mid-point coffee shop or juice bar and chat!


Enter my drawing for another chance at winning a little something from Scentsy Sharron. I will pull one name for every 15 entries that are submitted. The winner(s) will receive one Dryer Disk!

Drawing will be held on Friday, May 6th.

(this is another chance for you to request to be on my Newsletter list)

Fundraisers that are more FUN than work

Let me help you with FUNdraising. Your involvement can be as much or as little as you'd like. Here are two popular Fundraising ideas;

Buddy Clip Fundraiser:
I'll provide a worksheet with pictures of all 7 Buddy Clips and a spreadsheet to collect orders and track payment. You charge $20 per Buddy Clip and make about $7.25 on each (depending on your local tax rate, example below uses my Fountain Hills, AZ sales tax).

Online Fundraiser:

Like the name says, it's all online. I set up a Fundraiser on my website and advertise it in Emails directly to your donors and on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest (etc). I'll give you business cards to hand out at Events. Your people go out to my website and place their order and apply it to your Fundraiser. You don't have to do any sorting or delivering, our warehouses do all the work for you!

I'd love the opportunity to talk to you more about this, please shoot me an Email/Message or give me a call and let's figure out what works best for you and your donors.


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Thank you for your time!

Sharron Grzybowski