Native Americans and Europe

Find out about one of the biggest genocide in the world!

How many Native Americans died when they came in contact with the Europeans and why ?

When the Europeans came into contact with the Native Americans it caused a mass genocide as the Native Americans came into contact with European diseases such as smallpox, measles, mumps and even the common cold which the Native Indians couldn't protect themselves of cause they didn't have these diseases in Northern America before so they weren't immune to it unlike the Europeans and thus started dying.

Secondary Source

This is a very good website which tells you everything you need to know about what happend to the Native Indians when they came into contact with the Europeans. The website is actually a site which represents the project Milwaukee Public Museum which is funded by the Ameritech. It is supposed to be for students from kg-12th grade. The amount of people who died from these diseases is huge, of Mexicos estimated 20,000,000 population, 90% of them died from small pox between 1521-1531. Accurate numbers of how many people died in total is hard to come by but 70 million doesn't sound unrealistic.

Primary Source

This is a picture of a Native American who has come in contact with a European Disease, the doctor tries to help but he doesn't know what to do and has no way to make the pain go down, so as you can see the Native Indian is forced to suffer until he/she eventually dies.

Picture from the book Florentine Codex.

Earlier Explorers

It all started by European explorers coming into America looking for gold, they would come and go but what did not leave with them was the European diseases they unknowingly brought with them. In a way it kind of helped future European Colonizers. When they came there to colonize America a lot of the Native Americans had already died from the disease the explorers brought with them before.

This is a video made by a current living Native American and it tells us the values the Native Americans had, how they were honest people and stuff and that they are still alive and won't forget their native ways.

The Native American GENOCIDE was the largest in the history of Mankind...