Of Mice & Men

By, John Steinbeck

Novel Summary

The book "Of Mice & Men" it shows the real friendship between two great people who encounter many problems along the way. The two main characters Lennie and George make there way to a farm ranch were they can start working. This is where you meet all the characters from the book. Lennie and George make some friends and than some enemies. They plan to make enough money than buy there own ranch house with the new friends they meet Candy and Crooks. As life goes after a while Lennie ends up getting into big trouble after he kills Curley's wife. He didn't know what he was doing because he just what to touch her hair but also doesn't want George to fin out he was talking to her. Than Lennie runs away to there secret spot as the guys from the ranch come back they see Curley's wife dead. They guys decided to go after him and kill him but George gets him to it first and put him out of his misery so he doesn't have to suffer anymore like Candy's Old Dog that was put down.

Theme Analysis

The main theme of the story was friendship in the book. Through the book you see how George takes such good care of Lennie after his aunt dies. He still makes sure Lennie don't get into trouble but when he dose George is always there to help Lennie when he messes up. They have to move around a lot to avoid danger so that Lennie dose not get hurt by the people who are coming after him. George makes sure they are save by putting his life on the line also makes sure Lennie has food to eat and a good job together. Lennie get into trouble again and George realizes that Lennie is doing more harm than good. For this reason George put Lennie out of his misery by shoting him in the head and killing him so he dose not have to suffer anymore. This was very hard for George but he realizes it was the right thing to do for Lennie.

Author Biography

The author of the book "Of Mice and Men" is John Stienbeck. He is an amazingly talented author who published many book copies. John Stienbeck conected with the book very well because when he was little boy he had to go work on the farm after his father lost his job. This one job inspired him and lead him to writing many books. He was a novelist and a short story writer many on war correspondents. This choice of writing won him a Pulitzer Prize in 1940 and than a Nobel Prize in Literature in 1962. His success soon end after he died in 1968 at the age of 66. Even though he is not alive today his are books still live on today as people are still buying and reading his books.


"Because... because I got you to look after me, and you got me to look after you, and that's why (John Steinbeck, 14)."

This represents friendship in the book.