Carver Middle School Newsletter

May 9, 2021

Principal's Message

Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms in the Carver MS family!

Last week was a big one for the Carver MS community. We are so appreciative of all of the support that you provided for during Teacher Appreciation week. We had more volunteers participate in our sweet treat donations than ever before. Special thanks to our PTA and the Nause family for their help in organizing this effort and working hard to support our teachers.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Fundraiser! We raised over $12,000 for our school community! I am very proud of this effort and we appreciate your support. Terion Nebbitt was our student leader in goods sold and money raised! Congratulations Terion! Please be on the lookout for information regarding prizes and cookie distribution.

As a reminder, school is closed this Thursday, May 13, 2021 for a student and staff holiday.

Please take the time to read our weekly updates.

Thank you for your continued support and have a great week!

Anthony J. McLaurin, Ed.D.


G.W. Carver MS

SOL Calendar

As you are aware, SOL testing season is right around the corner. Please see our SOL testing Calendar below. You will received additional information if your child has been signed up to take SOLs beginning 5/17/21. The Calendar has been revised to accommodate parent requests.

Virtual student who choose to test should report to school at 8:00 am. Parents will be called to pick up their students. Valid identification is required to pick up students.

SOL Testing Calendar

Yearbook Orders!

Please use the following link to place your year book order!

Thomas Dale Knightettes Dance Team

Future Thomas Dale Knights who are interested in auditioning for the TDHS dance team may complete the: Knightettes dance team audition form

Good luck future Knightettes!

CCPS Online

CCPS Online will be opening registration for the 2021-22 school year on February 1 and will take registrations until July 9, 2021. Additional information and the link to register can be found on the CCPS Online website. Students may register for a full course load if they would like to remain virtual for the 2021-22 school year or they may take supplemental classes while taking a full course load at their home school (fees are required for this option).

For the 2021-22 regular school year, any resident student seeking one additional course through CCPS Online will be granted a full fee waiver upon request. This is a change. Registration for summer courses is underway. Registration for summer Health/PE 9 will close on May 19. Health & PE 9 Online

Registration for all other classes this summer will close on June 23.

Carver MS counselors are happy to answer all questions related to CCPS Online options.

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Celebrate Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month!

During May we are encouraged to celebrate the contributions of Asian and Pacific Islanders. Please encourage your Cougar to click the: Asian & Pacific Island Heritage Month Link to learn more.
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May is Jewish American Heritage Month!

During May of 2021, we will also acknowledge the contributions of Jewish Americans. Please encourage your Cougar to see the following site to learn more about the impact of Jewish Americans on the history of our Nation.

CCPS Virtual Learning

Please use the links below for details and to register your child for the Virtual Learning Academy for the 2021-2022 school year. Applications are due June 1, 2021

K-8 Virtual Learning Academy Registration - English Version

K-8 Virtual Learning Academy Registration - Spanish Version

CCPS Summer Programs

CCPS summer programs are underway. Please click the link below for details regarding schedule, format, dates and class offerings.

Summer Programs 2021

Key Dates

  • May 10- Boys Soccer @ Bailey Bridge MS (3 pm)
  • May 10- Boys Basketball @ Bailey Bridge MS (2:30 pm)
  • May 11- Girls Soccer @ Bailey Bridge MS (3 pm)
  • May 11- Girls Basketball @ Bailey Bridge MS (2:30 pm)
  • May 12- Boys Soccer @ Home vs. Manchester MS (3 pm)
  • May 12- Boys Basketball @ Home vs. Manchester MS (2:30 pm)
  • May 13- No school. Student & Staff holiday
  • May 17- 20- Reading SOLs
  • May 19- Boys Soccer Championships
  • May 20- Girls Soccer Championships
  • May 24- Boys Track & Field County Championships Meadowbrook HS (Track events 12:30; Field Events 4:00)
  • May 25 - Girls Semifinals at Meadowbrook HS (5:30 and 7:30)
  • May 25 - Boys Semifinals at Matoaca HS (5:30 and 7:30)
  • May 26- Girls Track & Field County Championships Meadowbrook HS (Track events 12:30; Field Events 4:00)
  • May 27 - Girls and Boys Basketball Finals at Matoaca HS (5:30 Girls and 7:30 Boys)
  • May 31- No school. Student & staff holiday.

2021 CCPS Fine Arts Festival!

Please see the inspiring message below from the CCPS Fine Arts Department and take time to check out the Virtual Fine Arts Festival.

When you see the work that our students have done in a virtual world, you will see creativity, passion, hope, and communication.

We want to say thank you to all of our artists, performers, and teachers for coming together as a united team to bring light and joy into our lives. We know this was a different way to share the arts, but we hope this positive representation will help to reinforce the importance of the arts in our community whether we are live or virtual.

2021 Virtual Fine Arts Festival!

Code Beats Summer Programs

Check out this Summer Stem programs sponsored by VCU school of Engineering:

Carver MS Free Little Pantry

Carver MS Free Little Pantry!

Thanks to our PTA & the McCabe family for donating our Free Little Pantry! The pantry is located outside of the front doors of Carver MS. This will be a tremendous support for our families in need. Please feel free to take any item that you and your family may need and leave a food or non-perishable item to support our neighbors.

Please use the Carver MS Amazon Smile Link to provide direct donations to our community!

Thanks Carver Cougars!

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Return to Learning Updates

1. Arrival

Buses and car riders will begin arriving at the school building at 7:10 AM. The plan is to begin allowing students into the school building at this time (7:10 AM). A member of the team will be outside at both locations to make sure everyone knows when it is time to begin entering the building.

2. Dismissal

In order to dismiss in a safe and socially distanced manner, we will have three waves (Wave 1 (1:55) – Car Riders whose last name starts with the letters A-K, Wave 2 (2:00 PM) – Car Riders whose last name starts with the letters L-Z, and all of our students riding the school bus (2:05 PM).

Families who are picking students up – please do me the favor of being in the parent pick up loop at the appropriate time. I would ask that parents/families who are picking up in Wave 1 to begin arriving at 1:45 PM. Parents/families who are picking up students in Wave 2, please do not arrive at the school building until 1:55 PM. We will do our very best to make this a smooth process for everyone, but we know it will be a learning curve. We ask for your patience as we work to get the process more efficient during this first week.

3. Safety and Social Distancing

  • We will not use lockers
  • Students will be socially distanced in the hallways
  • Students will be socially distanced when waiting on a bus or a car ride in the afternoon
  • Masks are required at all times
  • Shields are required when students are within 6 feet of one another in classrooms
  • The daily health assessment – it is important that students do not come to school if they are not feeling well.

Carver MS School Counseling Assignments 2020-2021

Please see below for your Counselor's contact information.

Thank you!

Grade 6

Mrs. Redding

Mrs. Whitaker N-

Grade 7

Mr. Cunningham-

Grade 8


Flex Block Update

Flex Block Clarification- Monday-Thursday- Teachers will notify your student(s) if they are meeting every day or meeting on specific day(s). This allows staff members to differentiate according and provide students/classes with the appropriate level of support needed.

Fridays (Office Hours)- Teacher will communicate with students to set up meets for assignments, check-ins, re-teaching and/or make up work. If your student does not have meetings scheduled, they may utilize this time to work on assignments independently.

Wells Athletic Association

Curbside Library Pickup

Please see the video below for information on our curbside library pick up! Both digital and paper copies of titles are available. Remember to encourage your Cougar to read and read frequently in 2021!

Pledge of Allegiance Google Meet Link!

Please be sure to share the new Google Meet link below with your Cougar to join us for the Pledge of Allegiance live link daily at 7:35 am!

Community Resources

Join the Carver MS Anime Club!

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Share the Love with the Carver Staff!

Please see the flyer below to share videos and show appreciation for your favorite teacher and the Carver MS staff!

Carver Attendance Line

If you are aware that your student will be absent from class please call our attendance line directly at: (804) 524-3627.

Canvas Support Videos

Thanks to Mrs. Smith for hosting Canvas Support Sessions last week! Please see the videos below if you could not make it to the session.

Carver Canvas Support-Video 1

Carver Canvas Support-Video 2

Carver Canvas Support-Video 3

Support and Self- Care During COVID-19

COVID-19 Support from the Viriginia Department of health:

Please take a look at the COVID-19 Resources link. As we are all dealing with difficult times children and adults both may benefit from ideas and resources to help us to cope positively with our present reality.

Message from our School Nurse Mrs. Geisz

Carver MS School Nurse Video

Here are a few reminders from the school clinic, even though we are starting school virtual all of the following are still required for this school year:

1. Proof of immunization: For a complete list of all required immunizations please see the Virginia Department of health link There are 2 Middle School specific requirements. Note :Effective July 1, 2019, a booster dose of Tdap vaccine is required for all children entering the 7th grade. Also note: Effective October 1, 2008, a complete series of 3 doses of HPV vaccine is required. The first dose shall be administered before the child enters the 6th grade, however with HPV, after reviewing educational materials approved by the Board of Health, the parent or guardian, at the parent’s or guardian’s sole discretion, may elect for the child not to receive the HPV vaccine.

2. Immunization records can be faxed to 804.520.4794 to the School Nurse.

3. Update Individual Health service plan: If your child lives with any of the following:

    1. Asthma
    2. Life-threatening allergies
    3. Diabetes
    4. Seizures
    5. Or any other health concern that requires medication or specific health related procedures while in school please make sure that we have an updated health service plan and/or medication administrations forms. Required forms can be found here

4. Please keep in mind due to COVID 19 the use of nebulizers will not be allowed this school year, so please make sure to discuss plans for treatment with your physician if your child has asthma.

I am looking forward to supporting your child to be safe, healthy and ready to learn at Carver Middle School! If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email me at or call me at 804.524.3620 ext.143.

Carver PTA!

The Carver PTA needs you!

Use the PTA website at: to sign up.

1. Log in or create an account.

2. On the "Join School" pop up screen enter code: 9XKCHR.

3. Sign up to assist with events, purchase spirit wear, raise funds and assist the PTA in supporting our students!