Habits: Chapter 7

Sharpen the Saw

EQ: What are some of the different ways to "sharpen your saw" and how does sharpening your saw help you succeed in life?


Regularly renew yourself. You need to balance all 4 areas (brain, body, heart, and soul)

PBA (personal bank account)

  • Keep promises to yourself
  • Do small acts of kindness
  • Be gentle with yourself
  • Honest
  • Renew self
  • Tapping into talents

rba (relationship bank account)

  • Keep promises
  • Do small acts of kindness
  • Be loyal
  • Listen
  • Say you’re sorry
  • Set clear expectations

Say No

  • Ask questions (tough questions)
  • Name the trouble (put a face on what you're doing)
  • State the consequences (think)
  • Suggest an alternative (suggest something else)
Sharpen the Saw

Ways to renew yourself:

  • Read a newspaper everyday
  • Subscribe to National Geographic
  • Travel
  • Plant a garden
  • Observe wildlife
  • Attend lecture on interesting topic
  • Watch the Discovery Channel
  • Visit a Library
  • Listen to the news
  • Research Ancestors
  • Write a story, poem, or song
  • Play a challenging board game
  • Debate
  • Play a game of Chess
  • Visit a Museum
  • Comment in class

"Nothing in life comes easy, you have to pay the price."

Ways to physically renew yourself

  • Eat good food
  • Relax in the bathtub
  • Bike
  • Lift weights
  • Get enough sleep
  • Play sports
  • Take walks
  • Stretch out
  • Do aerobic workouts