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November 24, 2015


Can you believe that it is the end of November already? Most of you have been using your school iPad for more than two months!

To help students continue to make the best use of their iPads, we are continuing to send out our monthly newsletter. For November, we are focusing on:

  • iPad Maintenance & Organization - Keeping things clean and organized!
  • Locating a Lost iPad
  • Google Photos – Back-up your photos!

If you have suggestions for future newsletters, please contact Media Center staff.


Ms. Bernards & Ms. Comisar

App Spotlight: Google Photos

If you take a lot of pictures or videos with your iPad, eventually they begin to take up storage space.

The solution? -- Google Photos!

This is a great app for freeing up storage space on your iPad. You can now store your photos and videos in Google's Cloud. Even if your iPad breaks or needs to be wiped, your photos won't be lost!

Other great features:

  • You can edit your photos. Transform a color photo to Black & White.

  • Running low on space? Google Photos will give you the option to remove copies of photos on your iPad that are backed up and older than 30 days.

  • Do you like to keep organized? You can do that easily with Albums.

  • It is now easier to send photos by email, upload to Google Docs or Airdrop.

Start using the Google Photos App today!

iPad Maintenance Checklist

In order to use your iPad in class successfully, we want you to remember these quick tips for maintaining your iPad:

  • Restart Your iPad: Just like you, your iPad needs to sleep a little. Please restart your iPad once a week to give it a chance to refresh itself.

  • Clean Your Screen: Please use a soft, dry cloth to clean your iPad’s screen to remove fingerprints, dust and other spots. In order to keep it clean, you should not eat or drink while using your iPad.

  • Keep in iPad Case: In order to prevent accidental damage, you should never remove it from it’s case. If you remove it from the case, you could face discipline.

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Oh No! Lost your iPad?

If you lose your iPad at school, please check the last place where you had your iPad. If it can't be found, please report your misplaced iPad to the Media Center ASAP! The longer it takes for you to let us know, the more difficult it will be for us to locate your iPad.

If you are not at school, Click Here for directions on how you can use Find My iPhone to try and locate your iPad on your own. Internet access is required. If you do not locate your iPad after trying to use this feature, please report your iPad missing in the Media Center or Main Office as soon as possible.

If your iPad has been returned to us, your name will appear on the computer in the 2nd Floor display case outside the Media Center. If you name is on the screen, please come in and pick-up your iPad. We also post names for those iPads that have repairs completed and ready for pick-up.


The Student iPad Pledge:

Click Here to go to the Pledge.

If you have not yet completed this Pledge, please so so ASAP! ~Thank you

iOS 9...Continue to Wait!

We will send a notice to students and teachers when this update can be done. Thank you!

Students are still forgetting... Apple IDs

For more information on your Apple ID, please read the article in October's iPad Newsflash!

Additional Contributors: Mrs. Beck and Mr. Tonn.

Reminder: iPads are School Property

When the school handed you your iPad and said “here is your iPad” – what they really meant was “we are lending you an iPad to use at home and at school, but it still belongs to us.” Please make sure that you are using your iPad for school approved, educational activities. If you have unapproved apps or inappropriate content on your iPad, we can collect your iPad and an assortment of consequences will be assigned. We expect that iPads are at school every day and you must surrender this property to us at a staff member’s request.

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