TRIVIAMASH is the wave of the future for online trivia gaming. We believe that having access to things immediately is critical for most people. We live in a fast-paced society where everyone is connected to the Internet via their smart-phones, laptops, tablets, heck even their watches, so if we want fun we want it NOW! Think of TRIVIAMASH like a traveling board game from any device, but there are no pieces, parts, cards or boards to setup. We have done it all for you. Simply create an account, log in and begin playing. It’s FREE, it’s fun, and it’s educational. We have thousands of fun trivia questions that stimulate the brain, and for those smarty pants that can answer 9 in a row correctly, we have bonus boards for even more points. Try it now!

If you are out to dinner and the kids need some entertainment while they are waiting to eat, log in and play some TRIVIAMASH. Need something to keep the family entertained on a road trip? Maybe you are staying at a hotel and you don’t want to rent a movie, play some TRIVIAMASH. Planning a game night? Play TRIVIAMASH on your smart-TV and invite some friends over. You can play TRIVIAMASH no matter where you are!

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