Red Devil Reflections

December 1

End of Course Information

This is a reminder that this afternoon's Faculty Meeting will primarily serve as the EOC In-service. Mr. Alexander has posted the proposed bell schedule for the assessment - please view his 12/1 email around 5:00pm for the bell schedule for the EOC, EOC testing schedule, as well as the SLO assessment schedule. His 11/30 (4:54pm) email provides assessment guides and the handouts that will be discussed during the meeting.

Here are the lunch changes that will be in effect on Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday-Friday.

The SLO assessments are scheduled to occur 12/14-16 in all of the computer labs. Please review the schedule and contact Mr. Alexander before making any reservations during the last week of this semester (note: it is possible Thursday/Friday may serve as makeup days).

All documents have also been placed in the Red Schoolhouse.

Wednesday 12/1 ASVAB Testing & Counseling Meetings Day 3

Please review the 12/1 email (7:25pm) from me for the list of students scheduled to report to 215C for ASVAB testing.

Please continue to send your sophomore students to 214C at 10:00 or 10:30 for scheduling meetings:

  • Wednesday: I-K (10:00) and L-Mc (10:30)
  • Thursday: Me-Pa (10:00) and Pe-Ru (10:30)
  • Friday: S-U (10:00) and V-Z (10:30)

Pink Barre - Thursday 12/3 - Postponed

Pink Barre-Emory Point is bringing their FREE introductory class to Druid Hills Thursday, December 3 at 3:30pm. Bring comfortable clothing and a mat (if you don't have one, we can accommodate you).

We are postponing Thursday's class, due to space availability with the gym closure. We will schedule shortly. Sorry!

IB Picture - Friday

We'd like to have all IB students meet in the Uhry theater at 9:25am this Friday, Dec. 4 for the IB yearbook photo. If you have IB students in your 1st period class and can't release them, please let Ms. Bracewell know asap.


We have begun printing out a daily attendance report at 8:00am in order to ensure we have full classroom coverage. If you have not signed in by then (note: the majority of staff members have a 7:50am reporting time), and you have not notified Ms. Huffman, Dr. Jackson, or myself that you are running late, we will be calling your classroom and/or cell to ensure you are in the building.

Please note that habitual tardiness may result in progressive action.

With that said, the vast majority of staff members come to work on time every day. THANK YOU!!!

Broken Desks Part 2

If you have a defective desk in your classroom or one that seems unsafe please count the desks and let Mr. Roberts know the number immediately. One classroom has as many as six desks that are broken and or are unsafe. We replaced more than one hundred of the red desks at the beginning of the school year and have continued to do so up to this point. By the end of the week we would like to have the six desks replaced and any additional ones needing replacement but storage is an issue so we would like to be as precise as possible and add on a few for future need.

Basketball Custodial Support

We are looking for a DCSD-employee interested in providing custodial support during Saturday basketball games (approximately 2 hours). The employee cannot currently work full-time as a custodian. Please direct anyone interested to me

Coming Soon - Ugly Sweater Day - Tuesday, December 15

New Data App

I attended a training yesterday on data usage and visualization. Essentially, the discussion focused on how schools/teachers can develop ways not only to use data for instructional decisions (TKES standard 6) but to share it with students, parents, and community in a way that they begin using the data to facilitate student learning.

Super Duper Data Tracker is an inexpensive app ($1.99) that was featured. It enables easy sharing of student progress that is accessible on mobile phones as well.