Human rights, the fight for education.

Whats going on?

Not all countries let kids, teens, grown men or grown women attend school (usually women because of their gender) and only men (some not all) can get that right. There for people are violating the right for education.

What is being done to provide access to education?

Everyone who has the hunger to learn and parents who want to learn and want their kids to be successful fight to get that right, for school to be built around the area so they wont have to walk far to get to a crappy school where they don't admit girls in because of their gender. The UNESCO (an organisation that helps around they world for kids to have a good school) are trying to have international leadership


This is the best organization in the US that helps out everyone that needs a new school built (with the consent of the president and the government and the mayor). They usually help out countries that don't have the money or resource to build and hire employees like teachers, security etc.

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This is for the right for all kids, teens and adults to have the right to have an education and have the right to go to elementary for free.

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This is a website is about how everyone in the world deserves the right for education and even though they are being violated they are people doing something about it. This helped me because it showed me that even in rich countries (like the US) people are still lacking education. This showed me that even though many people are doing something about this right of education being violated

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This website tells me the most countries that need schools, money, homes, and clean water starting with the other side of the world, one of the best known continents in the world Africa, this is the poorest continent in the world. This helped me by showing me that even big companies can't do everything and without the help of everyone, we can't get everyone that right to education.