University of Cincinnati

Home of the Bearcats

Weather in Cincinnati

  • Average High is 65.8 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Average low is 47.3 degrees Fahrenheit
  • average rainfall 110 days a year 3.23 inches a month
  • average snowfall is 18.8 inches a year

Geography in Cincinnati

Cincinnati is on the bank of the Ohio river, its in a valley with lots of foothills then mountains nearby.

Fun Stuff In Cincinnati Ohio


  • 47,944 a year in the medical program
  • $10,964 for housing in a room with a roommate for a year
  • 58,908 total for a year
  • 235,632 total for all four years needed


in order to be admitted to to University Of Cincinnati you need to have a

  • SAT score of 870+
  • ACT score of 20+
  • GPA of 3.0+
  • pass all of your core classes ( English, Math, History, and Science)


  • 35,313 total number of students
  • 18:1 ratio of student to teacher


I plan to do a number of things to pay for collage including

  • scholarships
  • summer job
  • working through collage as well


There are many scholarships for students trying to get into collage inclueding but not limited to:

  • Aaron Anderson Memorial
  • Charles & Emma Lou Cooley Memorial
  • Criswell Scholarship
  • Dale Boothe Memorial Scholarship
  • Emiel And Hermine Van Delden Scholarship
  • Etna Rebekah Lodge (IOOF) Scholarship
  • Flaming Family Scholarship In Memory Of Lucy Flaming

High School

Some of the things i am doing before going to collage to prepare for my medical degree are

  • take AP classes
  • Take all the offered Health classes
  • Take all the Child Development classes
  • do some volunteer work such as volunteering at the high school