Creekside Elementary School


Quote of the Week

“The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side” Margaret Carty

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March 21st-March 25th

SOARING Before and After Spring Break

Thank you team for all that you do to ensure students SOAR!:) Spring Break is near and this is a great time to review behavior expectations with students. We want to review SOAR expectations with students each day. After Spring Break it is also a great time for review as the thoughts of the school year ending grows closer. Reviewing these expectations allows students to know we have high expectations but we are also consistent with our practices as a school. Consistent systems, structures and routines are very important for students and a school. Please refer to the matrix for review. I will also email a copy of the matrix to you. We want our consistent practices and expectations to go throughout the school year. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions if needed.

Weekly Game Plan

Marvelous Mon. March 21st : Spring Picture Day (Class and Indiviual)/SIT Meeting at 4pm

Terrific Tues. March 22nd: 4pm Girls on the Run/K-5 Grade Level Planning/ 3rd Grade Planning Day

Wonderful Wed. March 23rd: K-2 PLCs/We will not have a 7:30 meeting/9:30 Showcase of Schools Tour/3-5 CDA Deadline( See calendar) /5th Grade Planning Day

Thankful Thurs. March 24th: 4pm Girls on the Run/ 3-5 PLCs/End of Quarter/Mclass PM Green and Blue students/3-5 CDA Deadline( See calendar)

Fabulous Fri. March 25th : Good Friday

Marvelous Mon. March 28th: Teacher Workday (optional)

Enjoy your break and see you all on April 4th!!:)


  • Our focus on the SOAR Matrix this week will on all areas but really reinforcing our Cafeteria and Hallway SOAR Expectations. Please review cafeteria expectations with students each day this week.
  • Please adhere to the lunch schedules. Students should be dropped off on time and picked up at the designated times.
  • Please make sure we are monitoring students closely at recess. Students should not play rough games. Please have students play in small groups and if they are playing a game please let it be organized safe play. Teammates should be stationed in different areas of the playground for monitoring and to ensure safety of all students.
  • Teammates please make sure we are standing to our doors during am and pm dismissal. We want to ensure security and safety for students. We also want students following all SOAR expectations. What is expected has to be inspected. Please review SOAR expectations with students each day. Students should remain quiet in the hallways and follow expectations especially around this time of the school year.


Ms. Sass for being an awesome Assistant Principal!!!:)

Team~We want each of you to enjoy your break. Please rest, relax and enjoy your family during this time. You are really appreciated for all your hard work!!:)