Odessa Hemmersbach

5 benefits of abstinence

1. More self respect and more respect for each other.

2. Security that you're not being pursued for sexual reasons.

3. Greater chance of faithfulness in marriage, and trust in your partner's ability to control him/herself with other people.

4. Chance to develop more depth in relationships.

5. Less worries regarding pregnancy, birth control, STD's, emotional betrayal, etc.

5 refusal skills of abstinence

  1. Avoiding STD's
  2. Moral
  3. Religion
  4. "I'm on my period"
  5. "I'm waiting for the right person"

You should avoid these things because then you have a big responsibility in taking care of the baby, finding a job, finding daycare for the baby, giving proper nutrition to the baby, finding time to play the baby. These things take time and a big responsibility.

Ways to show affection besides sexual intercourse

Some things to show your affection for your partner without being sexually active is that you could give each other hugs and kisses. Hold hands, talk to your partner about your feelings. Snuggle and watch movies together. Also you can go shopping, go fishing, take a walk. There are many things you can do with your partner without being sexually active.

Scenarios that should be avoided

  1. Parties
  2. When you are alone with your partner
  3. Peer pressure
  4. Drunk
  5. Drugs
  6. Alcohol