Rome, Italy

Ava Behan-Sahib

I want to go to Rome because...

I want to go to Rome because there is so much to see and do, I mean, you should know! There is the Colosseum, Vatican City with Pope Francis, the Pantheon, The National Roman Museum, and so much more!! Even though rome isn't exactly tropical, there are many amazing things to find.

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This is a Map of Italy ^ ^ ^

Weather Statistics Of Rome

Average Max Temperature: 70 degrees F OR 21 degrees C

Average Temperature: 59 degrees F OR 15 degrees C

Average Min Temperature: 48 degrees F OR 9 degrees C

Average Precipitation: 33 inches OR 837 millimeters

Probability of a Rainy Day: 23%

An Interesting Geographical Feature of Rome…..

There is a river in Rome caller the Tiber River.

Coordinates of Tiber: 41* 54'N and 12* 29'E


This wonderful flyer was done by Ava Behan-Sahib

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