Crow Agency Public School

January 11th - January 15th, 2016

Achieving Our Dreams through Education


We started off 2016 with a couple of dynamic presenters who presented on Conscious Discipline. I found it very encouraging and challenging. Encouraging because I felt we are on the right path as a school and challenging because it is not the first time we have heard about the brain and how we can better interact with students. Lets continue to be purposeful in our growth.

I have included some video's related to our training on Friday. Please take a look as they are very good. I have also put an article in this week's bulletin that was in last weeks also because I think it is important. Please read it and reflect on how it and our Conscious Discipline training relate to each other.


This week is a Benchmarking week for iStation. We assess monthly in literacy, but Fall, WInter, and Spring assessments are what we label benchmarking times as these are the times we use to compare our growth to previous school years. Please be with your class to monitor students as they take the iStation Assessment.


January's Teach to is "Dismissing Students After School." Have you read it? If you have you may noticed it depends heavily upon staff implementation. Please take a look.

Remember to catch students doing something positive and give them a chance to win in the weekly drawing. Keep an eye out for the pre-school as they have been practicing a lot.

Horizontal Walkthoughs

Thanks to all of you who were able to get into each others classrooms for a walkthrough. It is always good to see what others are doing. The old proverb says that iron sharpens iron. If you haven't gotten your done please do so.


We are not allowing footballs during recess, as it usually turns into tackle football. If students bring a football to school please keep them in the classroom.

This Week at a Glance

TEACH TO OF THE MONTH: Dismissing After School


Thurs. Jan 14

MBI Meeting at 3:00 in the Library

Hardin vs. Lodge Grass BBall Game is today.

Fri. Jan 15

Staff meeting at 2:15 pm in the Music Room

How To Make A Bully (From Scratch)
Middle school teacher shifts from "as if I don't have enough to do" to "my job is a breeze"
Noticing - Conscious Discipline Skills
Using Logical Consequences - Conscious Discipline Skills
The Most Beautiful Way To Stop A Bully I've Ever Seen
Dr. Becky Bailey at TEDx - Wiring the Brain for Success

Crow Agency Public School

Crow Agency Public School is located in the heart of Crow Country and serves grades Pre-K to 5th.