Hernan Cortes

By, Eric L

Travel to Cuba

When Cortés was young, he always wanted to be a explorer. In 1504, he traveled to Santo Domingo in Cuba. Under the leadership of Diego Velázque, he settled in Azúa. He became governor of the town and decided to traveled to Mexico. Diego Velázque declined but Cortés went anyway.

First Battle with the Aztecs

Cortés convinced his leader to let him travel to Mexico. At first he allowed it at first but later realised what he was trying to do. he demanded his to stop, but he snuck out. When he landed in Yucatan he destroyed his ships so he couldn’t go back. he had heard of the Aztec Empire and set out to find it. he set out for the capital city of the Aztec’s, Tenochtitlán. he pretended to be friendly. Moctezuma II, the emperor at the time of Cortés's arrival, welcomed the newcomers and gave them gifts. In return, Hernan took Moctezuma II hostage.Cortés heard some of his leaders landed in attempt to arrest him for disobeying orders. he took the leader hostage and convinced the other s to join him. As he returned he noticed his army was attacking the city. Moctezuma II was killed by a stone in the riots. Cortés ordered retreat and regrouped his soldiers.

Second battle of the Aztecs and later life

Cortés attack again. This time he succeeded. He destroyed them killing many Aztec warriors. He crumbled one of the greatest civilizations at the time. He noticed he wouldn’t be able to leader the Aztecs so to clear his name in Spain he gave Mexico to the Spanish Empire. After this he explored the west coast of North America. He was watched by the Spanish but usually kept a low profile. He did in Mexico on Dec. 2, 1547.

Hernán Cortés - Mini Biography