What is "smore"

So why is smore a helpful website

SMORE is a website where u can make your own news papers, invitations,documents,etc. u can post these on to the website and it can be very helpful for school projects.smore is easy fast and time consuming. It's actually pretty cool to make your own you might be thinking.... "Isn't a smore a snack that you eat at campfires?"no it is not that type it's a website that is awesome and cool like a smore but has nothing to do with eating or snacks.

Is it a safe website and can't you do the same on other resources such as Microsoft word?

SMORE is a very safe website and won't harm your device in anyway. SMORE simply allows you to create nice, organized and neat articles that you wouldn't be able to do on Google docs, word , or anything like that. It is still possible to do it on those sources but why take all of that time setting up when their is plenty of formats already set up for you on smore