Playing Crayon's methodology February 2017

Explaining and prototyping CRAYON'S Methodology at TEDx Den Helder

Prime Holland set up a booth in the experience room to explain and play the Crayon's methodology with one practical exercise playing the Duck.
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Business Model Teachers

Playing & explaining

Playing the Duck


CRAYON's - Creativity in Action to Promote Young Entrepreneurship is a European project (number: 2015-1-ES01-KA203-016056) financed under the Erasmus+ programme (Key Action 2 - Strategic Partnerships), and developed between the 01/09/2015 and the 30/08/2017.

The main aim of the CRAYON’s project is to motivate HEI students and recent graduates, and to stimulate their social entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation and transversal skills.

CRAYON’s objectives are:

  1. To motivate the first entrepreneurial step in European youngsters by using creative methodologies
  2. To develop a training program (methodology + training course + Massive Open Online Course, MOOC) focused on entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation and soft skills.
  3. To establish and pilot a strategic partnership between Universities, Business Incubators, Entrepreneur centres and businesses to support student’s entrepreneurial spirit and exchange best practices in the field
  4. To engage HEI teachers and trainers, as well as diverse educational and employment authorities in the promotion, adoption and use of these innovative learning practices

The activities of the CRAYON’s project include:

  1. Development of an INNOVATIVE METHODOLOGY based on Motivation 3.0, Creativity, Gamification and LEGO®*
  2. Development of a TRAINING COURSE integrating the CRAYON’s methodology developed, as well as Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility.
  3. Development of a MOOC, to be published at the Greek partners’ e-learning platform.
  4. Testing the training materials in an INTENSIVE STUDY PROGRAMME and at international level
  5. Virtual mentoring of business ideas generated by students during the project
  6. Dissemination events, including seminars with relevant stakeholders, workshops with teachers and a closure conference

Project partners represent the three pillars of the knowledge triangle (education + research + business), including: 2 HEIs, 1 foundation, 1 business incubator, 1 entrepreneur centre and 1 SME. Cooperation has been already established to develop the project proposal and the tasks and activities have been distributed according to each partner’s expertise.

TEDx Den Helder
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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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