Bloomfield Middle School Newsletter

February 17, 2017

What Makes A Teacher Great

Middle School Events

The Spelling Bee!

Congratulations to the 2017 Middle School spelling bee winner, Brian Case! Gavin Prouty is the runner up and John Case is our alternate. We are proud of all the participants.

News from the classroom

Sci 7 - This week is Fossil Fuels. Yesterday students looked at electricity outage maps and safety tips for heating with natural gas. We will also explore nuclear energy here at Ginna Nuclear Power plant and updated mining safety equipment.

After break students will look at Alternative forms of Energy.

Have a good break!

Ms. Barnsbee

In Social Studies 7 this week, the students will use their chrome books to retrace the steps of Lewis and Clark as they head west. They will analyze many topics from equipping the expedition to the role of Sacagawea on the journey.

​7th and 8th grade Spanish students are finishing up units in food and shopping this week. They will have their chapter tests in these topics on Friday. This unit we added a new study tool, This site has spelling practice, and flashcards that students can personalize when they review. The link for the site is on google classroom​.

We are already in the third week for 6th and 7th grade Health and 6th grade Family and Consumer Science! The 6th grade Health classes have been meeting with Deputy Eddington in the DARE program and we are also completing a nutrition project. Seventh grade health recently researched and presented safety issues at home and in the neighborhood. In Family and Consumer Science, the students researched character values and a role model that displayed these traits. I am looking forward to the student presentations. Have a great February break!

In English 7, students have been reading The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi and examining conflicts surrounding social norms and a trans-Atlantic sea voyage. Students recently created dramatic interpretations of key scenes complete with props, costumes, and choreography.

From the Athletic Director

Modified sports begin on March 20th. Sign up for baseball, lacrosse, softball or track. Register online at Any 7th or 8th grade student interested in trying out for a jv or varsity sport must submit the Athletic Placement Process (APP) Parent/Guardian Permission form to the Athletic Office prior to February 10, 2017. The APP can be found at the above link under the "Other Forms" tab. A copy of the APP can also be picked up at the Athletic Office. Please contact Jon Mastin at extension 1162 or via email at

Summer Sports camps!

Community Information

Please see the newsletter below from the Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition of Ontario County.

Bloomfield Public Library Event

Boy Scout Pancake Breakfast

Baseball and softball information!

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