Kailyn Lee 7th

Election of 1960

  • Democrat John F Kennedy

    Republican Richard Nixon

  • Questions rose about electing a catholic candidate (Kennedy) in the Bible Belt South

  • Television was a big part of Kennedy’s campaign, he appealed to the audience

  • Kennedy won the election after gaining support from workers, Catholics, and African Americans
  • Election was very close

The New Frontier

  • Peace Corps: an army of idealistic and mostly youthful volunteers to bring American skills to underdeveloped countries.

  • Southern Democrats and Republicans hated the New Frontier

  • Kennedy’s plan to “revitalize the economy” after Eisenhower

  • Tried to curb inflation

  • Steel Industry

  • Stimulated the economy by cutting taxes and putting more money directly into private hands

  • Proposed multi-billion plan to land an American on the moon

The Cold War

  • "Flexible response" which developed military options that could be used during crisis when needed.

  • President Kennedy increased spending on conventional military forces

  • 1961 Kennedy increased the number of military advisors in South Vietnam to protect Diem from communism

  • Marshall Plan: plan to help Latin American countries close gap between rich and poor

  • Cuba’s Bay of Pigs: soviets were secretly installing nuclear missiles in Cuba, Kennedy ordered a naval quarantine from Cuba and had missiles removed
  • Alliance for Progress: increase economic cooperation between North and South America; helped countries south of the Rio Grande to modernize their economics and political outlook
  • 1961: Soviets began constructing the Berlin Wall which was designed to stop the large population drain from East Germany to West Germany through Berlin.

  • Trade Expansion Act 1962: authorized tariff cuts of up to 50% to promote trade with Common Market countries

Civil Rights

  • JFK gained the black vote after stating he would pass civil rights legislation

  • Groups of Freedom Riders fought against desegregation in buses

  • Voter Education Project: registered the South's disfranchised blacks

  • 1983 Martin Luther King Jr. gave speech against discrimination in Birmingham, AL

August 1983 MLK Jr. led 200,000 black and white demonstrators on a peaceful "March on Washington" in support of the proposed new civil rights legislation.

Kennedy's Assassination

  • Shot and killed on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, TX

  • Shooter was Lee Harvey Oswald who was later shot by Jack Ruby

  • Vice president Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) took office after assassination