Lesson 2 Inspiring voices (honors)

By Dwight Christian Collier

Dwight Collier (dad)

My dad was a big influence on me, I am his son after all. My dad was always an important figure to me my entire life because he's part of whats guiding it. My dad really shows good leadership in the house always making sure he's on top of things. I want to be an even greater father than my own, maybe just to see his reaction to my parenting. Now i'm going to be honest here i don't feel really good about uploading pictures of my dad on the internet and im pretty sure he'd forbid me from doing so too, so im going to use images from google.

Pictures that i hope show you how my dad moves me

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi is a very inspirational leader to me. At first i thought he was just some small protester, but he was a very influential man. It inspires me to see how far he is willing to go for his ambitions and dreams for his future generation. I want to do something the will positively affect the generation ahead of me forever.

Honors credit

Barack Obama our president was inspired by Nelson Mandela. Obama was inspired by Mandela to get involved in a fight against apartheid in occidental college. He was also guided from community organizing to politics. (this is Obama looking from Mandela's cell)

Celebrity role model


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Part 2 Lesson 3 honors by Dwight Christian Collier


If you read my forum post (which is really long you probably have't read it) shows how Mrs.Crosby inspires me. Mrs.Crosby is still my favorite teacher today (Sorry Mrs.Hearne she was really inspirational to me) and probably will always be. Mrs.Crosby was a very important person to me and made me feel better about some of the things i had to do. When your little that's the best time to be inspired, because it's easier to inspire little kids than say grown men. It's even more effective because even though it happened a long time ago it still sticks to me. The way she inspired me was to not let anyone else choose who i am. I have become a much more confident person today because of some simple words.

Zachary Ghezzi

Zach is a good friend of mine who i met this year. At first he was just some guy to me, but later he turned out to be a really positive person. He always inspires me to be really positive, I've been having the best luck now that i'm more positive about things. Coach Capone sent me a personal letter telling me how good I've been working and how good my attitude is.

Patti LaBelle

Patti was inspired by her high school teacher. She says in an interview“Ms. Brown was very special because she was my mentor. She was very helpful to my family and me. She and I became close friends and are good friends. After so many years, we still spend time talking on the phone.” She was truly influenced by her teacher and was inspired by her.
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Part 3 Lesson 4 honors (Still going on strong)

Jamie Collier

Jamie is my sister, shes nice to other people but she acts differently around me. She is one of the most important figures in my life. Despite being annoying most of the time, my sister was extremely religious. Our religion is Christian (just like my name :D) and she takes it very seriously, when ever something really bad happened she would pray that a positive outcome would occur. It shows me that being as religious as a pope isn't impossible, and takes strong faith in God. She has inspired me with her faith in God and has also made me go to church sessions every no and then.

My mother

My mom was a very wise person who had good morals. She was fully aware that there are sill lots of people who will discriminate against us because of our race. She has her ways of dealing with it. She always told me there was a right time to be a very kind and gentle person and a right time to get in someone's face and let them have it. My mom was that kinda person who was like "if someone hits you with a book, you shouldn't be afraid to let them have it, they deserve it after all, if you get suspended, then that's fine as long as you were defending yourself." The reason why i specifically said a book was because she did get hit on the head with a book by someone else and you can basically guess what happened from there, although she didn't get suspended and her teacher punished the guy with the book. She inspires me to know whats right from wrong, people make it seem like you need other people to stand up for yourself, mom taught me all you need is you to stand up for yourself. With that i still stand up for myself in all sorts of situations.

Rev Mark S. Hanson

Rev is the bishop in Evangelical Lutheran Church, this Bishop was highly inspire by Pope Francis just like a whole other good portion of the world. He praises pope Francis for his humility and solidarity. Mark was highly inspired by the pope's example.
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Part 4 Lesson 5 Honors assignment (finally there, kinda looks like a project now if you ask me)

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry was someone who i learned about recently and is a good inspiration for me. Tyler Perry was pretty much an average Joe to me but he had such a harsh life similar to Maya Angelou. He truly inspires me to never ever give up and to always keep walking down the path no matter how hard it is. I'm not going to give up on my dreams no matter how many times i may fail.


I've been lucky to meet all these inspirational people around me and the ones who aren't around me. They all show me very important life values and tell right from wrong. They've always shown specific traits like attitude, will, faith and etc. I think i'm going to try to go on and create a very bright future for the generation ahead of us.

Tyler Perry's category

Tyler Perry will have a category that will be made up of people who had to truly fight for their success and by that i mean people who suffered a loss or in Tyler's case has been abused. These people have worked through it and have created a bright outcome.

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