Tuna: An Amazing Fish

Sarah Park


Tuna: The Fascinating Fish of the Sea

What organism can produce 30 million eggs that are born in 24 hours? The tuna is an animal with mighty movement, interesting body structure, and a droll diet. Swim along as the tuna continues its journey accompanied by the ocean water.

Conclusion Paragraph

No one can disagree that the tuna is an attractive fish. This animal has an unusual movement, fascinating body structure, and an impressive diet. So, the next time you happen to spot a tuna, don’t think of it as an unimpressive and boring old fish, like I have. Always think of the tuna in a positive way, imagining the shimmering skin, its graceful movement attracting not just another fish, but humans too.

Go Fish

The types of fish I chose were the Fancy Hermit crab, a Boeseman's Rainbowfish, a Bleeding Heart Tetra, a Blonde Delta Guppy, and a Clown fish. I spent $228.04, which is $54.45 on the fish and $173.59 on the basic items. This workshop was really fun and a good experience for me because this will help me in my adulthood when I have to figure out prices and taxes.
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This is a picture of my diorama. Some organisms that are in it is a sea turtle, starfish, seahorse, tuna, and crab. There is a coral in the middle, a jellyfish on the right side, and a squid in the right.
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Word Wall

This is my word wall of the tuna. Try to guess how the word relates to the tuna before reading the little blurb under it!


This is a quizzle of the tuna. Try and test your knowledge of what you know about the tuna, and what you don't know.